Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bad Lawyers

People are always asking me ...
"Say Rodge, are crooked lawyers ever disbarred?

The bench mark seems to be President Bill Clinton.  He was impeached for using the full power of his office to run roughshod over a women he raped in a Little Rock hotel room.  During his court trial  he committed perjury, and otherwise obstructed justice, but only had his law license suspended (now reinstated).   Next to him even this outrage sounds little league.

The St. Paul Pioneer Press reports that on January 10, the Minnesota Supreme Court suspended attorney Thomas P. Lowe from the practice of law for having an affair with a client and subsequently billing her for sex.

Lowe’s suspension will extend for at least 15 months.

It's fun to drink whiskey

Today's Fun Thing

Creation Art

art is everywhere

I don't need no stinking art gallery

As seen

Must be legit ...

Must be legit...

"Find the Attachment of my picture and how we package the money before moving it down to safe keeping in Ghana"

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Hello Friend.

My name is Khaleed Hammed, I am a Ghanaian, I work as a Poultry attendant in Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Farm in Tripoli Libya. Before The Civil War, my boss mandated me to took some money to a private safe keeping in Ghana, which worth $500 Millions United States Dollars. After the war, i found out that my boss was killed by a group of dangerous man so now.

I am looking for a Good Business Partner, who is trustworthy,honest and who will not later outsmart me as partnership. Also, you must be ready to invest the funds on a lucrative and profitable investment of your choice in your country or any where in the world, apart from Africa.

Find the Attachment of my picture and how we package the money before moving it down to safe keeping in Ghana

Regards. Khaleed Hammed

You're welcome

How's Hillary's Head?

Oh My


Freeze Warning

Protect your Gentleman's Bits and Water the Birds

How's that for a provocative title?

MoSup picked up this gadget for my Christmas snocking.  I've always wanted a quick and easy way to determine whether I could get the morning paper in my underpants, or have to put on trousers.  Bingo! 

It does double duty too.  It turns the tree lights and the bird's water heater on when temps hit freezing.  It's a Threefer!  This is the first time they've activated. Yay Global Warming!!!

HEAP it on sir

    Real Science via Ron Metzger

Drone on

In early 2012 the U.S. Congress authorized the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act. Within this bill is a provision calling for the deployment of some 30,000 robotic drones over the skies of America by 2015, arguably the boldest overt domestic surveillance initiative to have ever been introduced in the land of the free. With an average of some 600 drones allocated per state, this future network of highly advanced surveillance systems promises to give law enforcement, military and intelligence assets unprecedented video and audio access into the lives of every single American.

Privacy advocates are justifiably outraged.

But whenever government attempts to institute a ban on contraband items ... cont