Friday, April 26, 2013

Tales in the City Jail

When Democrats are in charge                                               

Four female prison guards impregnated by same inmate
Voltaire too was given to such antics

BALTIMORE Four female prison guards in Baltimore fell pregnant to the same inmate, according to authorities who have busted a major smuggling gang inside the jail system.

Two of the women tattooed the inmate's name on their bodies and he showered three of them with expensive gifts including cars and jewelry. [full CBS ]

I love stories like this.  As an aside, could this possibly happen if Sheriff Joe was running Baltimore's jail?  That's right.  The entire state of Maryland is run this way.
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Putin on Islam

Res Ipsa Loquitor

"In Russia live Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, then we advise them to go to those places where that's the state law. Russia does not need minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell 'discrimination'.

We better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of most minorities. When this honorable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the national interest first, observing that the minorities are not Russians.  Vlad "the Impaler" Putin
—  Feb. 04, 2013

It rankles that Putin, this KGB commie,  speaks more truth here than our American president has in his nearly five years in office.

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Obama: We need help killen dem babies!

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By Sam Baker - 04/26/13 11:46 AM ET
President Obama slammed state abortion restrictions Friday in a speech to Planned Parenthood's national conference.

Obama criticized efforts at the state and federal levels to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood and roll back access to abortion.

When abortion-rights supporters see some of the proposed restrictions, "you want to check the calendar, you want to make sure it's still 2013," Obama said.

Trust us Barry, we know what year it is.

Who Be What?

Eeny Meenie Miny Mullahs
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I saw this from the Washington Free Beacon, which I like. Gertz writes for them, and he was the big military writer in the Washington Times.

According to this article, the mullah’s are no longer in charge of Iran. It’s now under the control of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. I’m not sure how long they’ve been in control, but apparently Ahmadinejad set up the economical system that brought them to power. Since he is a military veteran, I guess they are friends with him. The IRGC also likes the idea of Iran having nuclear weapons, so this doesn’t solve any major problems for us or Israel. They also don’t like Obama because of his weakness, which puts them in the same boat as many of us.

Darned if I can tell where this leaves us.


I guess, living like this is the best scenario.

Suing Moslems

Oh My

Mr. Metzger

Look at your colon

A Push to Prevent Colorectal Cancer
Recognizing patients' dislike of colonoscopies, more health systems are offering a simpler option

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54 Obama Photochops

54 Obama Photochops

While I was looking for something in my extensive "Obama" file, I decided as a lark to republish a few of my past homages to what's-his-name. All were editorial comments about something going on at the time, some of which will be obvious.  I don't think you'll find a single one of them in Google.

I inadvertently included three pics that weren't mine (one from People's Cube, two others I wasn't sure of).  They're been replaced.