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My friend John Ruseckas sent me this URL for a video.  Damned thing goes for an hour and a half, which is a hell of a lot longer than I normally sit still for a video.  I made an exception in this case, and I'm glad I did. This video, AGENDA: Grinding America Down, is a huge, well done production showing what is happening to America, who started us down this path, what their AGENDA is, and what the result will be.  Damned scary, considering how successful they have been. 

At the end is a hopeful segment, which puts forth the idea that while it is nearly too late, there's still time to avoid the worst.  Trouble is, much of the prescription for our side winning has to do with religion, praying, and so on, which doesn't seem to include me.  I am, after all, not religious, so I want a solution that doesn't include copious prayer!

You may well want to set aside some time to review this video.


"... religion, praying, and so on.."  is on our list at the Barn, but to each his own. (I have not watched it yet) Reviews welcome.


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In response to Wither Man Lab?  Tony Appel kindly provided this site, which contains torrent links like these -
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This was a WOOT  earlier in the week, and it looked like it would fill a need since our last trimmer crapped out.  If you watch the demo, that in fact is how it worked yesterday when I followed MoSup around the yard while she pointed at stuff.  

Res Ipsa LoquitorIt was $119 delivered, including the optional *12' foot extender pole (which this guy is selling for $49.99).  That turned out to be something of a stretch, since I expected the pole was 12', but it was not.  The pole measures 62", and the base unit is 34 inches. Combined, that comes to 8 feet.  Where's my other 4 feet? 

 It turns out that it's a blessing.  The base unit, while not all that heavy, is about all you can handle when hanging off that extension.   Adding another 4 feet would, I imagine, yield an actual load of around 2000 pounds.  BTW, I will be sending this to the company.  Maybe they will, as an act of contrition, compensate me for my grief. 

Would I buy it again?  Yes.  Even with that extension.  BTW, it's extremely quiet.

*PS - It is entirely possible that I misread the Woot specs (the pole is no longer mentioned on the original spec sheet), but checking the  WORX site, they only claim 5', so what the hell.

*PPS - On second look, here's what the WOOT spec sheet said,
  • Cuts limbs up to 12 feet high; easy-to-use single-bolt Auto-Tension system
No effing way. I've been raped!

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