Monday, May 13, 2013

Biggest Ever Farts!

What I See        
Greatest Farts EVER!

First Place

Second Place

And the third biggest fart ever

Kermit Gosnell's Prison Job?

Oh My

Baby Killer Dr. Kermit Gosnell' Convicted of Baby Murder

Philadelphia abortion story most under-reported major story ever?

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Negotiate with who?

                      —   you berks.   

What's the opposite of "Plucky Brits?"
MI-5 (Spooks) slide deeper into Liberal dementia with each new episode. 

For Mary Berkley at Devil's Lake

Best Record of All Time

Italian Restaurant DUH

I called MoSup in Rome

Me:  So where did you eat last night?

Her: An Italian restaurant
Res Ipsa Loquitor

May I have the next, your Grace?

Princess that died in car crash had many adulterous affairs
“She screwed every- body she came into contact with who was able to do anything good for her,”

single nipple warning

Unplugged for 31 Years
“Grace almost always laid the leading man,” says novelist Gore Vidal. “She was famous for that.”

Sigh  Was there ever a lovlier woman ?  Ever?  Evidently her almost "pathological need for her father’s approbation,” caused her to bed everyone in sight, and that included during her her school days.  Schools that I did not attend. dammit.

“She screwed every- body she came into contact with who was able to do anything good for her,” They wed in 1956, yet Grace later confessed to an affair with her bridesmaid Carolyn Reybold’s hus- band Malcolm. Rainier’s own flings sent Grace back into the arms of Sinatra and Brando, and she once confided to her hairdresser: “I know my husband has affairs with other women. That’s very frustrating to me and makes me very unhappy.” — Rainier never forgave her affairs ....

Of course Grace was killed in a car crash.  The accident happened after the princess left the Ritz Hotel in the French capital with her companion, Dodi Al Fayed - son of Harrods owner, Mohammed Al Fayed with whom she was having an illicit affair that scandalized the Prince.  Wait - I'm being confused here.

Brass Balls

Res Ipsa Loquitor

Liberal Democrats may in future be able to have their missing balls or backbones replaced with ones grown from cells taken from chickens or mice, experts have predicted.

Scientists say hybrids of mouse or chicken stem cells – both of which are remarkably similar in structure to those extracted from Liberal Democrat cabinet ministers – raises the possibility of growing missing teeth, backbones and balls on junior coalition MPs’ bodies.

Several pairs of fully functioning balls – created by combining stem cells taken from mice and Vince Cable well before he sold himself out for a seat in the cabinet – have been grown in a laboratory by researchers who hope the work could lead to Liberal Democrat MPs being able to grow back other things they lack – such as scruples or guts – and in the future it may even be possible to provide them with at least a primitive, working conscience scientists say. [full]

The headline caused a bit of momentary confusion, wot.  "Liberal" and "Democrats" are become synonyms here. Plus, I think we'll agree that it's the GOP who need to grow some brass balls.  Then I noticed I'd been Trompe-l'œil'd—the story refers to the Brits.  Never mind.

Where Elizabeth Warren is Electable

Coffin Medicine?

Res Ipsa Loquitor


We got a good introduction to the Benghazi scandal last week.  Looks like next week will be even more explosive.  Joseph Curl (in the Washington Times) estimated that by close of business Friday, Obama will have his ass in a sling (and I believe Attila the Hen will, as well).  And if it is true that Obama let loose the IRS scandal in the hope of diverting attention from Benghazi, his hope will be shattered.  In fact, there will be TWO major bonfires burning on Capitol Hill next week.  Figure on several sacrificial virgins being thrown into the pyres, with little effect.

Res Ipsa LoquitorI will be listening to Rush Limbaugh for his expert political analysis, and Mark Levin for his legal view.  I was listening Friday when Mark got into the IRS scandal, and that’s when I found out it was he and his Landmark Legal Foundation that got the ball rolling on that one.  I felt practically like a witness to history.

Will Obama be impeached?  That’s problematic, as the Senate, where the trial would be held, is in Democrat control.  However, that might not be true after the 2014 elections, so timing may play a role.  Especially with these two scandals, plus further impact from the economic impact of Obamacare, and Democrat casualties of the gun control wars.  I particularly recall the 1994 situation, in which the Democrats were shellacked for the same reason.

 And what of Attila the Hen?  What looked a few weeks ago like a shoe-in nomination and election campaign, now looks like a whole new ball game.  How can she appear anywhere questions may be asked?  Attila the Hen may simply be taken care of in the manner of Kentucky Fried Chicken.


That all makes sense—in the logical politics of yore. But consider where we're at.  To cite just one example, in the past election , when polled on the Elizabeth Warren (D) race against the incumbent Scott Brown (R who won Ted Kennedy's senate seat!) this:

Res Ipsa LoquitorBrown’s hurdle is that even as voters from both parties say they like him personally, regard   him as bipartisan, and give him high marks on his job performance, many also say they plan to stick with their political party. And in a presidential year, with high turnout expected, that bodes especially well for Democrats on the ballot in Massachusetts .  (here)
There you have it.  Rather than jeopardize Dem control of the Senate, MA voters elected the vajayjay version of Ward Churchill— a phony American Indian who additionally was found to be practicing law without a license, and appears to have just half the brains of the staggeringly  stupid  Barbara Boxer.  Politics are no longer about what's best for the country, but Duke against Maryland; Florida v Florida State, or  Michigan v Ohio State.  Blood sport. .