Thursday, June 06, 2013

The world's best road?

Tonight's Adventure

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I enjoyed the hell out of this 25 minute HD drive along Switzerland's Gotthard Pass.  Truly, at times I was really there. I did think the driver was a bit of a pussy, but then we didn't  die.  At one point I got so annoyed with a white BMW in front of us—it seemingly  sped up every time we were about to pass— that I was actually hurling invective at him! Just like in real life. For your edification I've provided this appropriate oath to shout at the driver; one that he may understand. 

"Sortez de ma manière tout putain de trou du cul!"

I like that the only audio is the sound of the Ferrari's naturally aspirated V-8,  and throaty exhaust.  Especially in tunnels.  Then I remembered the Swiss fighter video of yore, with the  Ameno-Era soundtrack.  Here it is, all 3:41 of it.  There are a few stretches where it seems to fit right in.  DIY.  You're welcome.

  • PS - An alternative soundtrack is Top Gear's favorite (not) driving song- Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell
  • PPS. Helly will actually pee her pantaloons, and claim that she did not. 

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Best Beer Ad Ever?

Best Beer Ad Ever?


Cuzzin Ricky Adventures


Res Ipsa Loquitor

The purpose of this site, is to keep friends and family (at least those that are interested) updated on our South America Odyssey, and provide a convenient place that can occasionally be visited to see what we are up to.
May 31, 2013
As you know, we took care of the house in Denver, by renting to a really nice couple that we are sure will care for the place.  On May 9th, we hopped on a plane (which was hit by lightening en-route) and flew down to Buenos Aires, where we are now.  We stayed in a hotel for the first week, and we have moved into a two bedroom apartment, where we will staying for the remainder of our stay here.  In late June, we will leave Argentina, and take a ferry to Montevideo, where we will rent a car, which we will have during our week stay in Punta de Este (a resort area in Uruguay) which, "in season" is the South American playground for the Rich and Famous...... which explains why we are going there "off season" (don't forget, is winter here).
After Punta, we will go back to Montevideo and stay for, as yet, an undetermined period..  We've really enjoyed the way we approached Buenos Aires....which involved getting a lot of the initial touristy stuff out of the way, and basically assuming the role of residents (we already have our favorite "hang out" spots, restaurants, etc.....).  We essentially work during the day, when the market is open (just as we did in Denver), and then decide if we want to head out, or cook in the apartment.  We plan on approaching our time in Montevideo the same way. (more)

Cuzzin Ricky and his lovely C/R GF are in South America checking out suitable places to pitch their tent.  Very interesting journal, with lots of nice pictures of women and food.  Which just reminded me of this story. 

Ricky was the Club Officer at Fort Eustis in the 70's.  I dropped by to see him when in the area, and was shown into his very spacious office.  Just as I entered the room a completely nude girl comes walking out of the bathroom.  Ricky introduces me, and she leaves. 

I am slack-jawed.

Ricky explains that because the civilian bars around Eustis all have nude dancing, he was increasingly unable to meet his budge which depended on liquor profit.  So ... .  The dancers used his bathroom to changw into their skin.

I am not making that up.

Imodiun AD

Imodium A-D

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Energizing Grapefruit Juice

The Rich Tradition of Grapefruit Juice Patriotism
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Frank "The Lout" Lautenberg
January 23, 1924 – June 3, 2013
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I've been engaged in a secret project that rather severely limits my blogging, which some will find of  salubrious  consequence, but I still keep up with things, although belatedly.  Like the passing of the Senator from New Jersey.

The late Sen. Lautenberg; what can we say?  It would  hard to find anyone else quite like him.  His effect on government was immediate; always noticeable.  Frank influenced and enriched everyone around him; his  personal work ethics really helped others  in the senate stand out. The resourceful Mr. Lautenberg could always solve problems in his associate's best interest. His absence will, I'm sure, have an immediate effect on the United States Senate.