Monday, September 30, 2013

Telepathic Rape’

Must Eat Brains             

man in ‘telepathic rape’ case pleads guilty

On Tuesday, Utah woman Meloney Sellneit pleaded guilty to illegal gun charges because she convinced her husband to shoot their neighbor because she was the victim of “telepathic rape.” That’s right folks, Meloney got a man shot because she didn’t like that he was :eye-fucking" her. Authorities accused Meloney of illegally purchasing a gun for Michael Selleneit, a violent felon, and inciting him to shoot Tony Pierce twice in the back while Pierce was working in his yard, according to the Salt Lake City Tribune.

Michael, 53, later told police Pierce, 41, had been telepathically raping his wife for years and was using crack cocaine to control her mind.

Which is why, when wooing a woman telepathically, it pays to teleport flowers and some nice chocolateand maybe a few roofies—before the telepathic date begins.  Ray Romano explains things.


The Real Meaning of the “Redskins” Debate
Should Congress care about the name of a professional sports team?
Of course not, but that means nothing to that lot.

A group of Native Americans is pursuing a suit to strip the name of federal trademark protection. A few publications have stopped using the term in stories about the team.

In May, 10 members of Congress wrote team owner Dan Snyder asking him to find a new name. Snyder, however, says that will "never" happen.

Plenty of commentators have ... blah-blah-blah

I stand by what I said on Sunday, August 07, 2005.  For all the good  it did not do. (Hint - Play song selection #1 on the jukebox while you're there.)

Hollywood Law Makers

                      Nanny State - one regulation away from total bliss


Halle Berry’s Law
Is Social Media Monitoring Coming to a School Near You?

... Police will conduct sting operations to enforce a new California law--championed by actress and humanitarian Halle Berry and Jennifer Garner--that cracks down on paparazzi who photograph the children of celebrities.

 The main justification is--what else?--keeping kids safe, and administrators are keeping their eyes peeled for all kinds of possible red flags, including drug use, profanity, bullying, hate speech, sexual harassment, and the use of fake IDs. California’s Glendale Unified School district is monitoring 14,000 students, and the company hired to conduct the snooping expects to be keeping tabs on students in 3,000 schools worldwide by the end of the year.

In short, the law will (almost certainly) eventually mimic Britain's law that makes it a crime to photograph and child without parents permission (think soccer matches. etc).  I could just as well have use the Police State banner for this post.

The Beige Neck Pillow

Rorschach Tests I Have Failed

Ruh-Roh, I had a vision UPDATE
The Neck Pillow Trick Original under Rollover

Snake Charmer Needed

What I See 

Why is this lady upset?


CAIR pulls a ACORN- changes name

China Invents Hairy Stockings

The  Council on American-Islamic Relations  (CAIR*)  is seeking an injunction to stop sales of Hairy Legs in the U.S. They argue that the stockings were not invented by China, but rather are copies of Muslima  legs.

*This Just In.  WTF? Last week the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) formally changed its name to Washington Trust Foundation (WTF). Unlike the above, this is NOT a parody. CAIR's staus as a named terrorist group, and failure to file any tax returns for several years have rendered it increasingly toothless (but still hairy).  

Chumps at Rutgers

Jersey Chumps
'Don't worry about the insignificant Tea Party, Chris; I have an in with the GOP

Ron Metzger

Destructive Snakes

Oh My

The third hole is clogged with crap