Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seen one iron ship. you seen 'em all

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Skateboard Crackdown

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Brazen People


"Due to President Obama's visit there will be
snipers on the roof so do not open the curtains"

Horry Clap!  I certainly understand that Obama is the most divisive and hated president we've ever had, but sheesh.  These people are just asking for trouble.  I wonder if the Secret Servive got wind of this?  Was there a recent attempt that I'm not aware of?  Be smart people; we DO NOT want a bunch of airports and highways named after that sumbitch.  Just two more years.

A letter to Stu

                                                          Provoking Racial Unrest


Something has been bothering me lately.  As you know, conservatives consider Obama racially divisive.  Nothing new there.  On the other hand, conservatives, libertarians, and Tea Party folks are frequently depicted as racist by the left, though they are absolutely not.  In fact, there are black people in those conservative, libertarian, and Tea Party organizations.  Hell, I contributed to and voted for one in the last presidential election.

 Which leads me to the point at which Obama has gone from annoying would be tyrant to hateful, actual tyrant, as we get into more of the impact of the Obamacare program.  Right now we are seeing real harm being done to people, many of whom are being denuded of first their existing health insurance programs, to be followed by their hard earned money, as they are forced into new insurance plans under Obamacare.  People will not be quiet as they are robbed by the government.  We may well be looking at serious repercussions before this is over.

Which brings me to my first point, Obama and racial divisiveness.  Obama has set up Americans for racial hatred we haven’t seen in this country in a hundred years.  How will white working people react to black people, 90% of whom voted to put Obama in office, and retain him there.  Without them, this tyrant could not occupy the White House.  Will white people, after suffering under Obamacare, still maintain a non racial view of other people, nine out of ten of whom voted for this monstrosity.  Of course black people will also lose their current policies, though I think a greater percentage will be eligible for subsidies.

My answer is that I don’t know.  But there is now a greater possibility, or likelihood, of racial hatred in this country than there has been in the past. Have you given this issue any thought? "

Damian "skoonj" Housman

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