Friday, July 18, 2014

Answering the New Atheism,

Liars and Other Progressives

Last December I was trying to empty my bucket by finally reading Augustine's Confessions.  I landed on "Spark Notes," which  in turn led me to auditing on-line Yale classes  (philosophy, music and the Old and New Testaments). 

While having attended parochial schools until mid-high school, my only prior exposure to the Old Testament was a literature class in college. (It's only been since Vatican ll that the Catholic church have fully incorporated the Bible into the mass, etc.  Or, maybe I just wasn't paying attention? ) Anyway,  after a long sojourn, I concluded from the Yale course that despite protestation to the contrary, the professors had an agenda.  A leftist agenda.

 Coincidentally, a new parish priest, who holds a PhD in Bible and Theology (and is  a real dynamo), began holding Bible study that was way, way over my ken.  That led me into independent study where I became acquainted with Dr. Scot Hahn.  He has two things going for him.  1.) He (an ex Presbyterian Minister) is a fabulous speaker and 2.) I can hear him (meaning I don't need earphones or CC).  Over last week-end I happened upon Answering the New Atheism, which pretty much would parallel  "Answering the New Left Wing MoFO Progressives."

For what it's worth.

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