Friday, August 01, 2014

A fine cesspool

    Liberal Culture                   

They own the lead mines from whence come the dinner plates they sell.

They don't know [history] now.  And this is a fundamental change in America. Machines are taking over the world; these Blackberries, or whatever you have in your handsthese iPhones; people can create their own little universe in this bubble, and you don't ever have have to go out of it, and they don't.  And schools don't teach it .
Bill O'Reilly NBC NEWS, June 6, 2014.

Bill Weir is a CNN host, so he's just playing to form. Who knows anymore which of these media lightweights believes in AGW (man caused global warming), or is just too invested in the con to turn tail?   And there's Gov. Moonbeam.

Is he that stupid?  Or is it that he knows the folly of it all, but see Anthropogenic Global Warming as a useful tool to achieve Liberal goals too important for all mankind not to be implemented. Or is it that California Democrats have spent so much taxpayer money (billions) combating phantom AGW (while lining the pocketbooks of favored contractors); and so used so much political capital defending it that there is no way in hell they can recant.  They own the lead mines from whence the dinner plates they sell.

O'Reilly is spot on when it comes to the prole problem.  They all log onto the same moonbeam.  We are so screwed.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, as the world continues to get colder, Mexicans and others will acquire a love of Winter and require more and more of the same weather with it's reduction in temperature........ I expect many, many Latinos to be clamoring for their fair share of blizzards etc., and may well insist on their right to move to Alaska

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