Tuesday, October 28, 2014

He wasn’t beheaded, was he?

The punishment for riding on the same bike as a boy

Clearly the UK is still a moderate Muslim country. He wasn’t beheaded, was he?
(Note: this joke may be illegal in the United Kingdom. If you read it and chuckled, report immediately to the nearest police department that is busy ignoring Muslim sexual abuse of girls.) (via Vlad Tepes)

A pensioner who said ‘I’m not Muslim’ when he was asked to remove his shoes at airport security has spent more than six months facing charges for racism.

Paul Griffith, 75, pictured, set off the security scanner’s alarm at Stansted airport when travelling to Malaga for a week’s holiday.

He removed his shoes as requested, but said: ‘I am not Muslim am I?’


A security guard accused him of racism and called the police, saying he was upset by the remark.

‘One minute I am queuing up to get on a plane and the next I am confronted by two armed policemen.

‘They said I had used racist language and took me to an office in the terminal,’ Mr Griffith said yesterday.

…He was charged with causing ‘racially or religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress’. [Full]



Anonymous said...

Since when is "Muslim" a race? Last time I looked it was a religion?

Anonymous said...

wow. a Kulchah wherein one is forever protected from "Alarm or Distress."

sounds fun!


Anonymous said...

Seems like "Criminals" are considered a race, nowadays ACLU: Targeted Internet Ads Are Racist…

Leonard Jones said...

Hate crime! Hate crime!

This is very little different from the poor bastard
neighbor of Winston Smith being ratted on for "Thought
crime" by his own son.

This is the vision of the neoliberal left. This leads like
night into day to gulags and reeducation camps.
I expect that every statement I ever made on the
Intertubes will seal my fate. And yet, I keep typing!

LindaF said...

Would it also be a "Hate Crime" to point out that Rigby, the soldier beheaded by a Muslim, was a VICTIM (a REAL victim) of a Hate Crime?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many Canadians will go to the reeducation center after their little kerfluffle with the muzzies. Surely a few must take offense. And don't you know the commie libs in 'merca just slobber all over themselves at the thought of having these types of laws.

See you in the camp Mr. Jones. -Anymouse

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