Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dana Milbank; Douchebag

There Are Eight Million Douchebag Stories
in the 'Liberal World.'  This is Just One of Them

Last week Dana Milbank, the noted Op-Ed writer for the Washington Post, recovered himself admirably after the baleful events of November 4th, and picked through the post-election wreckage, presumably looking to assign blame. Milbank’s studied conclusion was that President Obama should be tagged with the blame for the electoral debacle, which is not, in itself, a particularly startling finding. Milbank, however, does not pin the onus on Obama for his lack of leadership, his wrong-headed policies, or his general disinterest in his job. He reasons that Obama brought this defeat on himself by delaying his amnesty executive order until after the election. Milbank declares that such a bold and largely anti-constitutional move “would cement the Hispanic loyalty to the (Democratic) Party in the long run.” Mr. Milbank also claims that the open flouting of the national immigration laws “…is what is best for the country.” He did gave away the game, however, when he let it slip that Obama’s planned executive order is really a scheme to create another ten million Democratic voters.

In the heart of this column Milbank illustrates the liberal game plan at its worst. He is smug, smarmy, and never fails to remind the readers of liberalism’s assured moral superiority. He repeats the liberal echo chamber stock phrase that amnesty is “right” and “best for the country”, and that a politician should worry more about doing the right thing rather than political expediency. The repetition of these tiresome liberal hymns actually does serve to turn the daily debate in the Leftist favor. [Milbank’s Lament: Amnesty, Missed Opportunities and Lost Elections]

Hard as it is to believe, there are documented cases of cures; e.g. David Horowitz, and, erm .....


Anonymous said...

I live in Southern California, about 90 miles from the border. I have to tell you, most of the Latinos in my area do NOT consider immigration reform to be among their top priorities. Jobs, education for their kids, equal protection under the law, reduction of crime, quality of life issues? Absolutely YES. I wish the GOP would wake up to this fact, and stop trying to be faux Democrats, in their outreach efforts. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I lived for 15 years in San Juan Capistrano. Many of my neighbors were Mexican and had lived in that area for generations. They had neighborhood watches set up that did one thing, looked for illegal Mexicans and got them out of their community. Such racists. -Anymouse

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