Saturday, January 11, 2014

Folk Art

The High Kicker
by some kid

So this soldier  got his leg shot off in the army.  When the doctor said well, now you can get out of the army.   the guy started sobbing, and the doctor said what's wrong? 

  The guy said,  all my life I wanted to be in the army, and I would rather be dead than be kicked out.  So the doctor said, but this is a war zone and I don't  have the right bone to put in your leg, and after two days it will be
too late.  Now the soldier is really crying when the doctor says, wait.  I know what.  I'll use the bone that makes your peter stand up when a girl walks by.  And it worked!  and he went back to his outfit. 

One day they were having marching practice when a pretty girl walked by ... and ... stop laughing, I can't finish the joke-  sneee - I'm dying here.  Stop laughing Timmy.  He kicked the guy in front of him in the head and killed him ... and  heeee stop .... I'm not finished.  They asked ...sneeee

Anecdotal Glayvin

Craptacular Glayvin


A Haunting Picture and a Taunting by Gingers

Two Things

A Haunting Picture and a Taunting by Gingers

Eagle Grabs Obama Mascot?

American Eagle. Serpent.
There must be a metaphor here someplace

There must be a metaphore here



Obama’s EPA has declared that the city of Riverton, Wyoming, with over 10,000 people is no longer part of the United States and have given it to the Indians.  In essence, all Americans living in Riverton are no longer living in the United States and are not eligible for state or federal services.  They can also be tossed off land they bought and paid for since their deeds do not have to be recognized by the Indians.  The Indians have argued for years that they should get full ownership of 1 million more acres of land because it should be part of their reservation.

The problem is that congress decided the borders in legislation passed in 1905.  If this ruling is allowed to stand, the EPA can arbitrarily take land away from its owners and give it to anyone they choose to.  The governor of Wyoming, Matt Mead is threatening to refuse to recognize the EPA’a authority.  [Duh?] [Story]

Once again, an outrage perped on us by the increasingly brazen-about-it Obama Administration;  so bizarre as to demand disbelief. And once again, I will conclude that the goal of this, many think  illegitimate  government, is to incite insurrection, and thus provide "justification" for suspending the constitution and turning everything over to the creepily named Dept. Homeland Security.  In order for them to get away with this, they must first move to neuter the military command structure that would be prone to resist, and at the same time have an adequately formed armed force to maintain the coup.  If Americans continue to act as irresponsibly as they have recently, by going along with the herd, and ignoring glaring acts of preparation, e.g.,  buying billions of rounds of ammunition,and arming government agencies  (EPA Swat Team!?!) , then so be it.  I've had my day in the sun.  If they want to fight, I'll be with them to best of my (substantial) abilities to fire a very tight group, and without fear for my own life.   USA.

* So where's the pictures?

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