Monday, January 13, 2014

Dog way smarter than Georgia Democrat

Hank Johnson
You're about to be 

What is Courage?


Rover Came Over

Guy E- The Rubber Man

Welfare Hay Rides

When Democrats are in charge                                            

Welfare Payouts Top $20 Per Hour In Eight States

Some of the comments

I wouldn't give them a dime unless they passed a drug test and worked in some capacity for the state, county or city. Even if it is only 10 hours a week...the longer your on welfare...the more hours you work for your benefits.. These welfare queens and their "welfare money kids" are worthless. I know some people need it, but as a bridge, not a living. You get it for 6-12 months...if you aren't working at a job or in school by then...then fade away like the useless piece of feces you are. Oh yea, have another kid when on welfare and you get a reduction unless you get a vasectomy or your tubes tied. Tired of supporting the animals these welfare queens have.

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      Lets not forget the free telephones, Pet vouchers (in some places) not only to purchase a pet but free vet care. Free Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, Free Christmas presents. Free school supplies ect ect...When the junkfood purchased with the free food money runs out they go to the local foodbanks. I sadley know people receiving 'Welfare" that live better than I do (and I make $22.50 p.h.) I guess It's because I'm supporting them too!!! So by all means have another child, have all your family medical and dental needs met, watch TV all day and night...why not, It's on me.

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      "Welfare queens"? "Welfare money kids?" The poor are just shiftless drug addicts and useless pieces of feces? This may be the most ignorance I've ever seen concentrated in one post. Congratulations, you're a d-bag.

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    This little girl qualifies for welfare. But I defy anyone to find a like example in America today.  A child, apparently parentless, who must sell gum to feed herself?  If there are any, the only plausible explanation are parents who spend the considerable welfare they get on drugs, or booze. 

     There are people who  circumstantially require aid, but for short terms only.  Kids in her circumstance would be adopted in a heartbeat; ripped from parents if they have any. Clap Calp Clap

    Mirror Mirror on the wall
    is my congressman a dick?

    If you have already discovered,  you know that it is among the best (if not the best) congress-critter trackers ever.  Tells you where your congressman stands on the ideology scale;  e.g. Sen Whitehouse is the Senate's Lenin to Coburn's Tom Jefferson.  Their past vote histories, etc.  I will add the link to my blog list below, anon.

    You're very welcome

    Dumb and Dumber - Hank Johnson


    Repesentative Hank Johnson

    I found myself on a great circle route yesterday, following one bizarre lead after another, amongst which was this blast from the pastwhere Rep Hank Johnson grills  Admiral Robert Willard  about his fears that Guam may tip over.  The thought occurred to me (not for the first time) that not only are we being killed by huge numbers of low- info voters, either through sheer stupidity, or gross civic nonchalance,  but also because our keepers, especially of the Democrat persuasion, are dumb as hell themselves.  Names like Boxer,  Murray and Biden come immediately to mind.  Have more?  Drop a dime on them HERE (with citations, please).

    Aside.  I think we can agree that all elected democrats are ignorant—willfully so—else they would not be democrats. What I'm looking for are the criminally STUPID, in any party.
    Over 10 trillion views.  Still, Hank  was reelected.  Hank Johnson and his constituency are  killing us.