Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hey, it was all there

Some Pondering

If I thought it would have any impact at all or even GET to Feinstein, or Boxer, or Pelosi, or ANY useful idiot in either house of the legislature, I'd send this list of questions: - Ron Metzger

I wanna know
  • how Barry Soetoro paid for his education at Columbia and Harvard;
  • who paid for his trip to Pakistan 30 years ago;
  • where he got his visa for the trip to Pakistan;
  • what his friends from high school have to say about him;
  • what his friends from college have to say about him; 
  • what he wrote about in his grad theses;
  • what were his grades from all his college classes;
  • what his wife wrote on her thesis at Princeton;
  • who is actually his biological father;
  • what his legal name is;
  • why his SSN is from a state he’s never lived in;
  • why nobody in the mainstream media seems concerned about all those issues;
  • why nobody in the US Congress seems concerned about all those issues.
Which reminds me.  


The Economy

Hillary and Other Kybo Denizens


WTF?  She's a known liar, a documeted crook,  and did  I say liar?  She has one foot on the Alzeihmer sled, looks like she belongs in a circus sideshow, and she's still leading in this bull-s*it poll? Only because the in-the-tank media know she is their one-and-only (aside from Chris Christie, perhaps) candidate with a (50-1) chance.  Anyone else would have to explain past votes, past lies, and dead bodies in their basement. 

Nobody on this list is stalwart, and most are there because they are most acceptable to Liberals in the worst case secnario.  Spit.

So, there's that.

Morning Popcorn

The 49th Parallel                                 

I have a movie recomendation for you all. Its called 49th Paralel and was made in 1941 before America was in the war, but Canada was. A nazi U-boat gets sunk in Hudson Bay and some of the crew tries to walk out of Canada and into the USA. Mayhem, carnage and pro democracy propaganda ensue. Spoiler alert---it has a happy ending.



When Democrats are in charge                                               

Hey there, Hi There, Ho There  ...

Top Fundraiser for Jason Carter (D-GA) Wants Carbon Tax. Calls Opponents to the Idea “Nutcases”.
Jason Carter is the Democrats’ nominee for Governor of Georgia. His top fundraiser flew to Aspen, CO on Tuesday to champion a carbon tax to fight “global warming.”

Carter’s fundraiser also called those who oppose destroying the economy to deal with global warming “nutcases.” Do not be surprised. Jason Carter’s top fundraiser also recently called Hamas a legitimate political actor and accused Israel of war crimes.  . . . please click here for the rest of the post →

Jason, of course,  is Jummy's grandson.  To date, the only known cure for the familial insanity gene is to leave newborn spawn on a cold mountain top and let the wolves eat them.  The Carters have so far refused to do the right thing.  What?  You think I'm kidding?