Tuesday, February 03, 2015


Stageringly Stupid People    Winner of Mosely-Braun Award for Dumb

Birdbrains with
very high standards of gravitas


  • Was it only yesterday (2007) when David Brooks stared at Obama’s pants leg and decided he’d make a “very good” president? He became president, but with millions seemingly permanently out of the workforce, and American prestige at a historic low point, he hardly seems a good one.
  • Christopher Buckley called him "a first rate intellect and a first rate temperament," giving the back of the hand to his father’s persuasion. But the first rate intellect was an inch deep; the temperament was that of a petulant narcissist, who preferred feeding snark to his fan base to the much harder job of uniting the nation.
  • Was it just yesterday that Colin Powell and friends declared, more in sorrow than wrath, that the McCain-Palin pair fell woefully short of their very high standards of gravitas? It certainly seems that it was.
  • And there was presidential historian Michael Beschloss, who couldn’t wait until Obama took office to call his IQ “off the charts” (he said nothing about which direction), and call him the most gifted world leader to ever draw breath.
People who worried about Palin’s effect as vice president should look at what Obama has done to the world and his party and ask what she might have done that could have been more destructive.

Culled from "Regretfully yours" by Noemie Emery.


leelu said...

"...which direction".


someother Drew458 said...

An essay written by "Know My Enemy"? How apt.

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