Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Kerry: "If Allah Wills It!"

ASIDE: In a political party rife with ambitious scoundrels & poseurs & thieves & cowards & liars & traitors, John Kerry—a man who I claim, without demurrer, has not once committed a single selfless actstands atop the Democrat Party's Mount Olympus of Shame.  Another thing for certain is that his campaign-time religion of convenience, Catholicism, hold him in disrepute (see below).  Maybe he thinks Allah has some pull with Pope Francis.  Obama seems to.

A top Vatican official close to the Pope John Paul II, Cardinal Francis Arinze, emphasized today that priests must not give communion to pro-abortion politicians who claim to be Catholic...  The cardinal left no doubt about Kerry by saying that an "unambiguously pro-abortion" politician "is not fit" to receive communion. [Vatican warns pro-abortion Catholic politicians not to take Holy Communion ...]

Cardinal Burke, best known in America for announcing that John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi were bad Catholics “in manifest grave sin” who should avoid presenting themselves for Communion, is being replaced by Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl, a moderate thinker who doesn’t consider it good pastoral practice to deny communion to anybody, and who better reflects the new attitude Francis seems to be bringing to papal politics.
Pope Francis Demotes Cardinal Who Denied John Kerry Communion

Poor Cardinal Burke took the rap for Cardinal Francis Arinze's rightful action against Kerry, et.al. Indeed, the case can be made that anyone who even votes for any Democrat is, defacto, an abortion facilitator as guilty as  the others.

Aside 3
I previously voiced my opinion about certain of Pope Francis's, erm, peccadillo's.  As far as Cardinal Donald Wuerl being a moderate thinker ... . Ahem.


Tom Smith said...

Chamberlain redux

Rodger the Real King of France said...

rather, a hemorrhoid

Esteve said...

As Rush would say, "John F. Kerry, he served in Vietnam." God bless the real Swift Boaters. Without them this turd could have been president.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Oh, but you can rest assured that he still wants to be president. And, with the legions of Americans who are too-bloody-fucking-stupid to know better, he might just succeed.

And consider the "future" of America with John Kerry as president and Barack Obama as Sec'y General of the UN: our very sovereignty, like our constitutionally-protected rights, will evaporate.

Rodger the Real King of France said...

Stu, I don't think it matters any longer who is elected President; we've jumped the shark The ONLY person I know that can even begin to restore this nation, and undo damage done over the past 10 years, is me. I am not making that up. Yes, there would be certain unpleasantness in some areas, but it would all be done with a good deal of compassion.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Well, Raja, the main "unpleasantness" that I would hope you would impose would be a policy that "if you're on the dole, you don't get to vote."

Of course, I'd hope you would impose the late Bob Grant's "Mandatory Sterilization Act" as well…

By the way, the damage has been done over far more than 10 years. We're reaping the whirlwind of a half-century or more of Lib/Prog/Commie propaganda and a systematic dumbing-down of the populace by the Lib/Prog/Commie-controlled education establishment.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, John Kerry served in the Navy, Right?
His remark ought to be grounds for him to be keel-hauled…

Phil N. LeBlanc

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