Thursday, March 12, 2015



My exuberance over LUTHER caused me to review it before finishing the last episodes.  Which is too bad, because we watched the last three last night and had I waited I'd have said this was the best series ever. 

What?  I did what? 



Tom Smith said...

Watched the first two. Very good

pdwalker said...

I never knew Kim could be so stylish.

That look, it just works

Drew said...

Idris' characters, even in crappy movies are always excellent.

Thor as Heimmdall
Pacific Rim as Stacker
The Wire as Stringer Bell
Takers as Gordon Jennings

He just doesn't do bad performances.

Anonymous said...

Have you watched Ray Donovan?


Rodger the Real King of France said...

Following your rkmendashin I found Ray Donovan on Showtime. I went through the drill of hooking it up with my ROKU and we watched the first episode last night. Well, the first 20-30 minutes. To many fucks, drugs, and general bad behavior for her taste. I thought it was okay, but just okay. But thanks Casca.

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