Friday, November 13, 2015



Top Gear producer to sue Clarkson
Producer punched by Jeremy Clarkson is suing the
former Top Gear host and the BBC for racial discrimination.


Lawyers for Clarkson and the BBC attended a closed-door hearing with Oisin Tymon's legal team at a London employment tribunal on Friday.

“Clarkson will be joined by his erstwhile Top Gear co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May on a new show for Amazon Prime, to be broadcast next year.’”
The case centres on "verbal abuse" that accompanied a physical attack during which Clarkson struck Tymon in March.

Clarkson, who was dropped by the BBC following an internal inquiry, will front a new show on Amazon Prime.

The inquiry, headed up by Ken MacQuarrie, found Mr Tymon was subject to an "unprovoked physical and verbal attack".

A statement by the BBC said: "We will be responding to this claim, but will not be commenting further at this time."

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After inquiring about the "for racial discrimination" charge that is not further explained, my confidential source suggested it's "because the Americans use the race gambit  with great success these days. There's big money there." 


Anonymous said...

Tymon's case focuses on "racial discrimination" stemming from an anti-Irish slur allegedly made by Clarkson before he split the producer's lip.

Over there calling a Scot stingy or an Irishman a drunk is considered "racist". Don't worry, we will get there someday. It's "progress" or rather "progressive".


Wabano said...

Soooo...saying the Grand Canyon was dug by one of us Scots looking for his lost penny is racist now? Good to know!

Leonard Jones said...

I could care less, Clarkson is still aces in my book for punching
that Limey Poofter Piers Morgan in the gob!

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