Monday, March 23, 2015

Robert Reichhh

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Redistributing wealth may be all that staves off collapse

"Workable model needed"
Don't bother.  He's hopeless.

John Gary

To, uh, lure her, etc.

I just now heard that John Gary song Does anyone here remember him?  Music, along with odors, are a real nostalgia trigger.  Out of the Army, my pal Gary HindersGary Hinders and I picked up where we left off, but at a more mature level.  That means  we would double date with girls that were interchangeable. We were cool.  One night we'd go to D.C. (to the Hay Loft) to see Phil Flowers, and the next night to the Timonium Drive-in
with the same girls, but swapped (the first post Army movie we saw at TD was "Hard Day's Night.")   Nobody did that. The girls were somewhat flummoxed, but went along.  Because we were cool. 

Another thing we did was introduce our various girlfriends to Frank Sinatra (Nice and Easy) make-out music, in lieu of what their other dates used to enmood them, like the Rolling Stones.  Fools.  It was Gary, I think, who discovered John Gary the singer, described as having the broadest range of any singer alive. I mean, who else knew stuff like that?  John Gary, along with We Five and Sinatra were staples.  When I heard John Gary this morning, for the first time since I stopped playing my vinyl albums, I was transported back to that time. Now I have to get myself back.  It's hard.