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Obama Admin Admits it Inflated Obamacare Numbers by 1.3 ...


The answer:  About 1.3 million Earths will fit inside our Sun.  Oddly enough, this same "bubble-gum" device can also be used to visualize:
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Police State         


You know I'm right, don't you?

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Democrat Media Monkeys


When Generations Collide

This could be a whole new meme

The Glowing VaJayJay

She's So Hot !

UNITED NATIONS – China’s war on women features forced abortions, the murder of female infants and now a new outrage: radioactive sanitary napkins.

A shipment of more than half a ton of radioactive sanitary napkins made in China was seized at the Beirut airport Friday, the Daily Star reports.

Lebanon Finance Minister Ali Hasan Khalil says the suspect feminine hygiene products emitted a level of radioactivity 35 times higher than is considered safe.

The maxi pads were manufactured by Anion, a Chinese company that claims the radiation is a feature, not a bug. The company’s website refers to the radiation as “air vitamins” that provide “significantly [sic] benefit to human health and daily routine,” the Daily Mail reports.

The Star reported the shipment involved 554 kilograms, or more than 1,200 pounds of products, in about 30 crates.

The Mail explained that Anion claims on its website its product “emits intensive anion stream beneficial to human health in amount up to 5800 for cm2.”

The newspaper elaborated that “ionization happens when atoms are given high-energy ionizing radiation, electrical voltage or high temperature. Atomic nuclei that have been completely ionized are called charged particles and are also radioactive.”

“Poorly Made in China” by Paul Midler has been called “a dramatic romp through China’s export manufacturing sector, one that reveals what really goes on behind the scenes.”

Last month, Lebanon authorities seized a shipment of mobile phone covers that were radioactive.

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Great Progressive Moments

When Progressives are in charge                            

                                     Boys Using the Girls’ Bathroom... and

Boys are going to be able to use the girls’ bathroom in Georgia.

Churches in Georgia will be denied building permits unless they build unisex bathrooms for the transgendered.

I’m not exaggerating.  The Texas legislature has had to swing into action to roll all that back in Texas.  In Texas!!

How did it happen in Texas?  Well, Texas has a religious freedom law that has an “anti-discrimination” provision.  Once it passed, leftwing advocates went to San Antonio, Plano, Houston, and other places and had the definition of discrimination changed.

Former Rep. Ed Lindsey, Speaker David Ralston, and House Judiciary Chair Wendall Willard support Texas’s version of RFRA.  You will see church pastors subpoenaed, church buildings harassed, and Christians persecuted.  It’s all part of the leftwing plan.

But I know how to fight it


Gun Nutter Quotes

10 Dumb Anti Gun Quotes By Politicians

On December 7, 1993, Carolyn McCarthy's  husband, Dennis, was killed, and her son, Kevin, was severely injured on a Long Island Rail Road commuter train at the Merillon Avenue station in the village of Garden City, when 35-year-old Colin Ferguson opened fire on passengers.  Ferguson killed six and wounded 19 others (with no resistance)  McCarthy responded to the crime by launching a campaign for more stringent gun control that eventually propelled her to Congress in 1996 on the Democratic ticket. She defeated freshman Republican Dan Frisa by a large margin. In the biographical 1998 television movie The Long Island Incident, which portrayed these events, she was played by actress Laurie Metcalf.

Carolyn McCarthy's attack on the Second Amendment has never made sense to me, for reasons so obvious that I shan't list them (except to say that I'll bet money that her son Kevin wishes every day that he was carrying that day). Like Sarah Brady, I believe she's been well used by gunnutters and fellow travelers. 

Bonfire Vanities-#BlackBrunch

   HELTER SKELTER                          
Provoking Racial Unrest


Civil rights activists targeted Sunday-afternoon restaurantgoers in California and New York to remind them of the black lives lost to police violence across the country.

The event, called “Black Brunch,” began last year in Oakland, Calif., according to Yahoo News, after the tragic police killings of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Mo., and Eric Garner in Staten Island, N.Y.

Yahoo News notes that in New York City, some 30 people gathered around 11 a.m. Sunday to protest inside some popular midtown-Manhattan eateries that demonstrators identified as “white spaces.” At each location, the protesters “read the names of African Americans killed by police,” Yahoo reports.

“Every 28 hours, a black person in America is killed by the police,” the protesters chanted, according to the website. “These are our brothers and sisters. Today and every day, we honor their lives.”


Some sort of tipping point seems to have been reached, with Sunday morning brunch patrons no longer willing to sit passively as noisy protesters attempt to guilt-trip them about being white, or having the disposable income to go out for a nice brunch, or something (in my view, mostly anger about being such losers).  Gateway Pundit reports on the pushback in Atlanta and Minneapolis eateries yesterday. In Atlanta:

Some customers at Sweet Melissa’s reportedly pushed and talked back against the protes “#BlackBrunchATL received a number of threats/shoves at Sweet Melissa’s. “Our breakfast matters” erupted from a table.”

One white man sitting at a table with Black friends was filmed vocally objecting to the protest, repeatedly saying, “You’re stirring up conflict”, and at one point telling the protesters to “go home”.
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It is clear to me that a dedicated coterie of activists is intent on harassing people.  This is stupid and obnoxious, and so self-centered that people express surprise when there is resistance.  This will not end well. [Thomas Lifson Full]

"Every 28 hours, a black person in America is killed by the police ....?"   Thank you, Eric Holder,  for the bonfire.

The Fed In Your Pocket

Hitler's Mustache                           

“Do you need to withdraw cash to purchase a used car from a private seller? Or perhaps you are pulling out some emergency cash for a loved one,” writes Mac Slavo.

“Either one of these activities are now considered suspicious and if your cash withdrawal amounts to even a few thousand dollars your bank teller is under a legal requirement to alert officials about your suspected criminal activity. And before you argue that you can’t possibly be a suspect because you have done nothing wrong, consider that even being suspected of being a suspect is now enough to land you on a terrorist watchlist in America.”

With everything else Obamunists have pulled  ... .  Ahem.

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