Monday, April 13, 2015

Thank you for calling, please press ...

TECHNO CHILLS                        

Calling (Insert Your Cable Company Here)!

I love Amy Schumer.  This is a clip from her "Inside Amy..." series that I now think of nearly every day when something Verizon FIOS invariably screws something up and makes me curse.  I know I can't call them because this is what happens, and it will make me shake and quiver if I do call.  So I don't anymore.  hate Verizon's guts.

Best Potato Chips


The Best Potato Chips Ever Made Since The Days of Lard!
Trader Joe's Ridge Cut
A whole bag is just 2400 calories!
The Same as crappy UTZ Ripple Cuts


SNL SNL Endorses Martin O'Malley


SNL Endorses O'Malley

It seems Hillary's role in Democrat Party now is to make some unknown leftist seem yummy.  It's the kind of thing we got from SNL in 2008 after the media decided Obama was their savior. Still, the Bill Clinton caricature here is precious.