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25 Brilliant New Words


Brilliant indeed. Peruse the list and see how many of the 19 not shown you had a proper inkling of. I just now did and discovered that I was verging on inventing every one of them, STG.

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cinema à la carte                                 

Credit Credits

That's it.  The entire credits. One screen.
This is the credit roll in its entirety for the 1939 movie The Great Man Votes.  First, a preface.   I have this Mobile Verizon; App on my iPAD that lets you see what's playing; even watch and record. That's how I happened upon this flick on TMC.  Something struck a chord so I scheduled it to record later in the day.  Got around to watching it a week later (Friday).

Brief Synopsis
A drunk fighting to hold on to his family discovers he has the deciding vote in a local election.

It turned out to be a great "feel good" film, even by today's standards; or maybe in spite of.  In fact, it's stuck in my mind yet. But that's not what I wanted to tell you;  although there will be very few of you who haven't made the same observation about movie credit length before.  That's it.  The entire credits.  Films like Kill Bill Vol.2  and Aliens Verses Predator run for 12 minutes! There was a period where credits included pictures on the cast along with names.  Love that.

So what does this portend about us, if anything?  Well, something profound.  So profound that it's like the meaning of the  universe.  I completely understand it, but cannot put it into words.  You're on your own.


New York Selfies

Was in NY this past week and these selfie sticks were everywhere even to the point of the table next to me at dinner launching one over my head to take their own picture. Drugs stores had large displays of the dumb things. People walking through Central Park shooting their own video of them walking. Hillary might win -

Tommy Lee "Burp Gun" Smith

There are two reason why we know these are all tourists.  Can you name them?  Answers in invisible ink below (Right click drag)

None of the women are wearing black
New York women would think outdoor selfies are gauche

Lois Lerner Meets John McCain

 Obama's Waffen Schutzstaffel  

Tom Fitton, senior official for Judicial Watch (Mark Levin's group), wrote the Breitbart article below.  Yes, you will blow a gasket reading it.  But just wait till you get to the part Sen. John McCain plays.  If you hated him before, you will hate him even more now.  And the bastard has the audacity to announce he will run for another term! -skoonj

Judicial Watch has just released a new batch of documents forced out of the IRS that show the Obama administration’s scandalous misuse of the IRS to target Tea Party and other conservatives goes far deeper than realized.

Included in the new batch of documents is a February 2012 email from Lois Lerner, who was then head of the IRS’ Exempt Organizations Branch, asking that a special program be set up to “put together some training points to help [IRS staffers] understand the potential pitfalls” of revealing too much information to
A May 1, 2013, email exchange between Lois Lerner and other top IRS staffers revealed that she met with select top staffers from the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee in a “marathon” meeting to discuss concerns raised by both Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) and McCain that the IRS was not reining in political advocacy groups in response to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.
Congress. Amid the hundreds of released pages, Judicial Watch also found a remarkable Lerner email from 2013 in which she says she is willing to take the blame for not having provided sufficient direction to her underlings on how best to investigate the targeted groups, and then concedes that she “understands why the IRS criteria” leading to targeting of Tea Party groups and other opponents of President Obama “might raise questions.”

In May 2013, the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) released an audit revealing the IRS had used “inappropriate criteria” to identify potential political cases. “Early in Calendar Year 2010,” TIGTA wrote, “the IRS began using inappropriate criteria to identify organizations applying for tax-exempt status to (e.g., lists of past and future donors).” The illegal IRS reviews continued for more than 18 months and, TIGTA reported, “delayed processing of targeted groups’ applications” preparing for the 2012 presidential election.”

Not so coincidentally, during this period of time, Lerner emailed former Director of the Office of Rulings and Agreements Holly Paz, attempting to limit information provided by the IRS to Congress about non-profit classifications. Here is the exchange:
Thursday, February 16, 2012 1:28 PM– Lois Lerner to Holly Paz:

Subject: Review of Classification Write -Ups

While you were gone, Judy [Kindell – former Lerner advisor] and Sharon [Light – Lerner advisor] had the opportunity to look at some of the write –up from the referral committee and classification folks on cases they had reviewed. We are all a bit concerned about the mention of specific Congress people, practitioners and political parties. Our filed folks are not as sensitive as we are to the fact that anything we write can be public–or at least be seen by Congress. We talked with Nan [Downing – Director of EO Examinations] and she thought it would be great if R & A could put together some training points to help them understand the potential pitfalls, as well as how to think about referrals. As a starting point, Nan has sent up a bunch of papers that I asked Tom Miller [EO technical advisor] to review to provide feedback to Sharon/Judy –or whomever we decide should draft the training.


Not that there wasn't enough evidence to send Lois Lerner to the electric chair before, but she is a Democrat appointee of Bronc-O-Bama so her 1200 get out of jail free cards must be burned one at a time. 

And McCain? He, I think, sees the world through a get-even entitlement  prism that trumps any integrity he may have once had. To wit:  Why did he get so riled at the Swiftboaters who exposed Kerry as the liar and phony that he is?  Because there are a cadre of his fellow Hanoi Hilton POW who claim that he collaborated with his Vietnamese captors. So he saddled up with Kerry because either he felt: that

   1.   Kerry was being victimized by the same ilk of jealous liars, or
   2.   out of some psychological need to aid other phony heroes in order to protect the elaborate wall of denial he's built. 

Either way, he's flawed.  And because so many Conservatives (people valuing integrity he so lacks) have, over the years, pointed out his massive flip-floppery, and worked so hard to deny his nomination for president, we are become in his eyes just more Hanoi Hilton people who need carpet bombing.  That's what I see.