Monday, June 29, 2015

Beating the Man!


Nobody but MS Mahjong Challenge players will know what this is.  And no, it's not cheating.  It's outsmarting JONG.  Actually, I don't have the time today to find all the matches before they time-out.

The whole event is confusing ...

and ilk

... is worth 1000 words

CNN confuses black and white flag covered in sex toy symbols for that of ISIS during London Gay Pride parade

  • CNN aired 'exclusive' report claiming ISIS flag was displayed in gay march
  • But the satirical flag was actually adorned with symbols of sex toys
  • Referring to the symbols, the reporter said it was 'very bad mimicry' of ISIS
  • She went on to claim she was the only person to notice the jihadi flag

Beauty.  You'd think that Democrat media would be the last people not to recognize a dildo, wot?

Hat Tip to Stu and Skoonj

Calming the Seas

Playing Catch-up

In the past, and we're talking 14 years here, a sudden sparsity of blog posting was due to miasma.  Now it's due, largely, by having so much to rail about that I don't know where to begin.  Okay, there is a certain miasma, perhaps, in that I really can't see a way to to reverse our country's slide into .. into something that was unimaginable even 20 years ago.  Where tyranny by a minority trumps the constitution and half the population applauds.  I reached a point where I was so filled with hatred for anyone I saw as part of the problem, aka anyone who was not apologetic for ever voting for any Democrat, that, not only was I miserable, but I made anyone around me .... erm, uncomfortable.  Odd as it seems, a turning point came when MoSup and I began watching the Blue Bloods series. 

Every episode rang true
well, except for the Black mayor who is not only open to suggestion, but shows a good deal of common sense to boot.  There are no Democrat politicians in my experience who have those qualities (but it is the liberal wet dream, as witness the Black President in the 24 series, who, with the verisimilitude rating of minus-6, is more Thomas Jefferson than Brok Obama). 

Anyway, at the end of each episode the Reagan family get together for a family meal, a wonderful model for any family.  It's here that — one reader here called it the "Greek Chorus" they toss around current events, ideas and philosophies.  I felt good after every episode; I think because so many of the values I grew up with were in evidence. 

I did that video a month ago.  That's how far behind I am.  Maybe its the cork in the monkeys ass.