Thursday, October 15, 2015

....culture goes right?

"This generation is frightened of ideas." Matt Drudge.
... then there's this

The progressive establishment has a problem. The hunger for non-conformist thought and opinion is raging. Contrarianism is becoming cool once again.

Marc Miller


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When I was a kid a big joke was the Sam Houston Institute of Technology, or S.H.I.T.  Hardee-Har-Har.  The problem was, sigh, there is no such school,  so when cuzzin ricky ("... would make a great mug for the Clinton campaign!") sent me this UNT mug I figgered it was more bogus acronym.  But no!  There is a UNT! Just off the top of my head I can think of several people I'd like to send this mug to ( Around $14 at Amazon). 

French's French Fries


Having recently celebrated the wonderfulness of Marie's Blue Cheese dressing, I thought it a good time to double down.  Specifically, French's French Fried Onions!  They're  just as versatile, and I'm hard pressed to think of anything I wouldn't sprinkle them on.  Hot dogs, burgers, pizza, salads, veggies, potatoes, eggs, popcorn;  on and on.  Since you'll be using them 5-6 times a day, make sure you buy the 24 oz. bag.  I buy them at BJ's for about $7, and quite often there's a $2 off coupon and I stock up because the Giant store sells a tiny bag (about 3-4 oz?) for $3.69!  And here's another upside.  You don't have to buy onions anymore!

You're welcome.


Hitler's Mustache                           

This story from yesterday cut through my by now calloused outrage receptors and had me running around the house waving a .45 in one hand, an iron skillet in the other and speaking in tongues!  There have been no internet sites more feared by netroots, ratbastard LibtardsHell, liars and wrongdoers everywhere than Matt Drudge.  Without him it's doubtful that Bill Clinton's record of sexual abuse that let to his impeachment would have seen the light of day. These opening comments, led by 
DAVIS JOHNSON, on the Daily Caller story, rather succinctly say it all. 

Davis Johnson • 2 days ago

Why would they want to get rid of aggregators? News sites would loose all the inbound traffic and earnings from ads. Does not make any sense.

Gino Schafer  Davis Johnson • 2 days ago
Because the most popular aggregator sites are conservative!

Davis Johnson  Gino Schafer • 2 days ago
It would also DESTROY Google which is built around links.

Not true Buzzfeed is libtard!

Davis Johnson • 2 days ago

The sites that create traffic, via links, such as drudge, may be affected, because it's not sponsored (okayed) by government media conglomerates, and it would lower the IQ of the population further, because of their ability to seize and rewrite copyright laws. Google is safe, because it is in bed with the government, and has persons interested in sharing business opportunities, such as NSA metadata. Drudge is a 'threat' because he does not work with/ for government, doesn't have add space, and doesn't skew the agenda for government policy. In the last 24 hours, drudge has had over 23 million visitors. Without drudge, mainstream media would need government assistance from lack of traffic, which would turn media further to the dark side. Sorry to write a book, thought it would help explain.

Adam  1bluebugg • 2 days ago
Quite right. The name of the game is control. Was it Orwell who wrote that "who controls the past controls the future and who controls the present controls the past"?

Susan  Adam • 2 days ago
The true enemy of American is this corrupt government. Can you imagine a Supreme Court Justice saying that to Drudge. The very epicenter of this corrupt government is the court system/judges including the supremely corrupt Supreme Court

Itsover2016  Susan • a day ago

We must elect people who will impeach the supreme court and all those who make laws without congress.

Enough said.