Monday, June 06, 2016

Excepted into callage

Were We this Stupid?



Anonymous said...

I think stupid is relative. And their parents were relatives BEFORE the wedding.

Stu Tarlowe said...

Oh, you have no idea. The examples you "sighted" are just the tip of the "iceburg". If Art Linkletter were alive today, instead of "People Are Funny", his book would be called "People Are Stupid".

But people are actually SO stupid that there aren't enough intensifiers to fully express it. If I were writing the book, I might call it "People Are Really, Really, Massively Bloody-Fucking Stupid!"

Y'know how people preface a question with "This may be a stupid question…"? Well, I had a teacher once who would stop them and say this:
"Konstantin Stanislavsky, the great theatre director and inventor of Method Acting [actually called The Stanislavsky System], once said, 'There are no small roles; there are only small actors.' In similar fashion, there are no stupid questions; there are only stupid people. Now, what was your question?"

DougM said...

one must remember that about half the population is of below-average intelligence, but now they have the internet.
Inglish is tricky.
My brother had an IQ above 140 and barely passed spelling in elementary school. Heck, I spelled it "thier" until an ROTC instructor chewed my ass about it in front'a God'n ever'body.

That bein' said, I love pointin' an' laughin' at other folks' mistakes. (see: schadenfreude)
(What? Yeah, I think that's spelt right.)

David said...

I don't think that people are more stupid now than in the past. But with the internet they now have a forum for sharing their stupid with the rest of us.

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