Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Doing the Hoky Cokie


We’re way beyond media bias. They are all-in. The media is the Hillary Clinton campaign staff. There’s not even a pretense of objectivity. It’s so bad, the New York Times had to write a front-page story last weekend talking about how painful it is for real journalists for the first time in their careers out of a sense of duty to adopt an oppositional stance to a candidate. They’ve never done that before, and since they’ve had to do it with Trump, it also looks like they’re pro-Hillary, and they’re so uncomfortable with this!  (Rush Limbaugh 8/15/2016)

I really am (almost) at a loss for words.  It's almost as if Rudy Giuliani was running to be 'Made' in the Genovese crime family, and what that would portend for the current membership.


Helly said...

We spent the last 50 years trying to bring people together instead of push people apart.

Well damn. All these years I've been living with the delusion of being morally untainted, and now St. Cokie the Uniter tells me I'm going straight to Hell.

Stu Tarlowe said...

'Interesting that you should bring up Giuliani. Even though he's never been quite conservative enough for me, I have great respect for his integrity and his love for our country. It's Giuliani's endorsement and support of Trump that quells my occasional suspicions (based on some of the things Trump has said and done) that Trump is really just another Bernie Sanders-type, in Hillary's employ.

Skoonj said...

Cokie, Cokie, lend me your comb,

Cokie, Cokie,

oy vey ole' said...

You are what you snort.
oy vey ole'

Anonymous said...

Looks like she got a taste of double dose poppers.

Juice said...

Oh, Cokie. Still striving for relevance. Where do they put you out to pasture after MSNBC?

Esteve said...

It's as if Hillary is invisible to these people. Just some apparition with a big "D" after her name.

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