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            Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Big Red Copper?
You've seen it. You've been tempted. You're waiting for some feedback from users. Here you go.

No video?  Go Here.

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            Big Bed Copper Posted by Rodger the Real King of France | 10/25/2016 12:08:00 PM | PERMALINK Back Link (5) | Send This Post | HOME


" ✔@RobSchneider

I haven't seen the Democrats this mad since we freed the slaves!

I like butter
I got one as a gift and it seems to meet the hype so far. Probably should check the instruction about seasoning the pan, though.

A TMZ video? WTF?
I gave up on cheap-ass "non-stick" pans that warp when you put some heat on them.
Give me a well-seasoned cast-iron any day.
Bought a similar pan at Costco a few months ago. It started flaking after first or second use. Funny, I don't see them there anymore.

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