Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Winston Smith, call home.

Campus police to probe
‘offensive’ Halloween costumes.

Kid: Dad, Should I read this book, "1984?"
Dad: Too Late.  You're living it.

A recurring thought has been; "If  if Trump "loses" this election, it will be a Pyhrric victory for Democrats and allied GOPers."  Why?  Because, looking at the huge crowds, and unprecedented donations Trump/Pence are seeing, there is no way they lose without balls-out vote manipulation.  They would then be in a position where a majority don't accept a Hillary presidency, and are furious about it. We are an armed country.  Massive civil disobedience—hell, even open rebellion could ensue.  Which, all things considered, would justified. That's what I thought, and still think.  But... there is a decent chance that's exactly what the plan is.  The Helter-Skelter trigger, where martial law is imposed, and constitutional protections (that are still observed) will be kaput.  The United States will look like 1930's Spain or Yugoslavia.


Chris in NC said...

hillary is going to win. It will not be close. There will not be any fraud needed for her to win. Her crowd size has no meaning on this. Her followers are the parasites, leeches and mooches that Rand talks about. They don't care about rallies or anything else that takes away from their TV time watching kim and kanye. What they do care about is getting their free shit that you and I pay for. So while they may not show up for a rally you can damn well bet they'll be there on election day. That's the one day a year they do some "work". The one day a year they get up off their asses for something other than walking to the fridge.

People like the never trumpers will say that they should have nominated a different person but the fact is that no democrat will ever again lose to a republican in a presidential election. It won't happen. The tipping point has been reached. More people now vote for a living than work for one. That means they'll elect the person they believe will give them the most free shit and other people's money. The republican party can not convince people that they'll give more free stuff than the democrats so they'll lose every time.

toadold said...

The sales of firearms keep increasing. The sales and handing out of books on improvised explosives and firearms are vigorous.

Anonymous said...

Sales of firearms, and individual ownership of same, is no substitute for organization. Our Founders intended for all of us to be organized into MILITIAS, a word that the Left has successfully demonized.

Anyway, call it backlash, armed rebellion, cowboys vs. [fill in the blank], whatever, it will perfectly serve the agenda of those whose goal is a police state.

Ann Hedonia & Sam Paku

SoylentGreen said...

The election results will most undoubtedly be rigged. See testimony from a programmer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JEzY2tnwExs

Anonymous said...

election results will most undoubtedly be rigged.
Already started. Today, a voter from Texas reported somebody was raising hell with an election judge about the computerized voting machine, because after she voted straight Republican ticket, Trump's name disappeared from her ballot and Clinton's name appeared in its place. The "official" claimed it was voter error. Uh-huh, sure.
Early voting, no photo ID voting and touch screen voting are all open invitations to vote fraud.

Election fraud should be a capital offense, because the ratbastards who do it are stealing our birthright and trying to overthrow our government.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

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