Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Big Bed Copper

Big Red Copper?
You've seen it. You've been tempted. You're waiting for some feedback from users. Here you go.

No video?  Go Here.


Tom Smith said...

I like butter

Anonymous said...

I got one as a gift and it seems to meet the hype so far. Probably should check the instruction about seasoning the pan, though.


Anonymous said...

A TMZ video? WTF?

Cheesy said...

I gave up on cheap-ass "non-stick" pans that warp when you put some heat on them.
Give me a well-seasoned cast-iron any day.

Anonymous said...

Bought a similar pan at Costco a few months ago. It started flaking after first or second use. Funny, I don't see them there anymore.


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