Wednesday, March 23, 2016

And they will inherit the wind

Emory University president says students are scared and 'in pain' after someone wrote 'Trump 2016' in chalk on campus

  • President Jim Wagner said students viewed graffiti as intimidating 
  • Officials arranged a meeting for those offended to address concerns
  • University organizations also offered counselling to those affected 
  • But some commentators have told the students to grow up  
  • Republican frontrunner won the Georgia primary earlier this month

You know how sometimes you get embarrased
for someone who you might not even like? 

Like that.

Trump v Warren

The Book is Real

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Doggy McDog Bites Man

Today's Gratuitous Feel-Good

You're Welcome

Adventures of the Man With No Penis

Adventures of the Man With No Penis

McFarland, USA

cinema à la carte                                 

In 1987, in Boise, football coach Jim White is chastising his players for an underwhelming half. Jim gets into a verbal altercation with one of the players, resulting in Jim throwing a football shoe with cleats at him. Following this incident, Jim is forced to move with his wife, Cheryl, and two daughters, Julie and Jamie. They settle down in McFarland, California, a predominantly Hispanic town. On their first night there, the family goes to a small restaurant and leaves to find a large gathering of Latinos in cars surrounding the place. One man makes suggestive motions toward Julie, prompting the family to leave faster.

White starts his new job as the life science/PE teacher and assistant football coach at school. During Jim's PE class, three boys, the Diaz brothers Danny, Damacio, and David, are forced by their mother to leave. During a later PE class, Jim sits on the bleachers and watches the boys run around the track with Jamie joining him. He comments that the boys, particularly Victor and Johnny (who got cut from the football team) move very fast. Jim goes to Principal Camillo to  .... [Wiki]

This is an extraordinarily good, upbeat movie.  It's the America we know exists.  We found it on Starz, else it's hard to find - for free.  Amazon Prime has it, but like just about everything else on Amazon Prime, it'll cost you. You're welcome.

Gimme a Double

A girl walks into a bar and asks the bartender for a double entendre, so he gave it to her.

President Dissed, He's Not Pissed

The Obamissariat                                      

Obama Atones for America’s Sins in Cuba
“He landed in Cuba and Raul Castro… who’s the head of Cuba, wasn’t there to greet him.”

Some two thousand years ago, the Messiah journeyed into Jerusalem. He came as the people’s redeemer, to expiate their sins. As he drew near Bethpage and Bethany, he sent two disciples before him to fetch a tethered colt. He would mount the colt and ride it into the holy city to sounds of hosannas from the faithful — and to the rebukes of the Pharisees.

"And the head of Cuba, who was there for the pope and he was there for other dignitaries that come in, but he wasn’t there for the president of the United States. I mean, we are amateur-hour folks! [more loud laughter]... Obama should have turned the plane around and left.” Donald Trump
Some two thousand years henceforth, Palm Sunday 2016, Barack Hussein Obama, political redeemer of the secular left, arrived in communist Cuba aboard Air Force One. It is an island once rich in the faith, only to be annihilated by Fidel and Raul Castro and their war on religion. “Heaven… right here in front of me,” was how Thomas Merton, the atheist-communist who became a devout Catholic monk, once described pre-Castro’s Cuba. “Every morning… I could find my way quickly to any one of a dozen churches as old as the seventeenth century. Almost as soon as I went in the door I could receive Communion, if I wished… and every fifteen or twenty minutes a new Mass was starting at a different altar…. Everywhere I turned, there was someone ready to feed me with the infinite strength of the Christ Who loved me.”

That was the wondrous, pious Cuba the Castro brothers destroyed. And it is the Castro boys that Barack Obama, product of a pro-communist/pro-Castro mother and father and a literal Communist Party USA mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, is eager to embrace — and to forgive. Really, I’m sure that in his heart of hearts, Barack agrees with the Castros that America is the side that needs to be forgiven. America is the aggressor, the sinner that stands in need of reparation. [Full FRONT PAGE]

I really, really dislike this man.

Muslim children celebrating the Belgium jihad attacks.

 Teacher tweeted that the Muslim children in his class were celebrating the Belgium jihad attacks. Within a few hours, 3 police found him and advised him not to tweet any more.

This is the reality of Europe today.

They can’t stop who knows how many jihadis from blowing up a number of targets in Brussels, but they can descend on a teacher within hours of a tweet. (Pam Geller)



                                                                         STFU  Michelle

IRREFUTABLE PROOF that Michelle Obama IS A MAN 24/7

RULE 5: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. It also works as a key pressure point to force the enemy into concessions. Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules for Radicals

This is just precious!  Unfortunately you'll find this claim on the same You Tube page

Over 95% Chance Michelle Obama & Jennifer Aniston Born Men: Satanic-Illuminati Connection


Belgian Waffles

U.S. Officials Bash ‘Shitty’ Belgian Security Forces

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