Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Impeaching John Koskinen

The real interesting thing ...

...Will be seeing who, at least among Republicans, votes against impeaching the SOB.

The Bear Facts

Trump's First Mistake

(and don't be a pussy

So, it looks like Trump picking retired Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal for VP is awash.  Too bad.  The official story is that McChrystal was not interested.  I don't believe it.  Last week Ann Coulter nailed it. After his landslide election in 1980, Reagan didn't need help; he was able to steamroll congress for two years. It looks like Indiana Gov. Mike Pence will be it. *spit*  Maybe Newt. *spit*. Either will back-channel Trump with the GOPe. 


My vice presidential prediction is: Trump is about to make his first mistake. I knew this would happen as soon as he hired campaign consultants, rather than relying on his gut. If these campaign consultants were any good, their first piece of advice to Trump would be, "Fire us immediately!"

Trump's advisers are undoubtedly telling him he's got the "outsider" image covered. He needs someone with experience in Washington -- as if presidents don't have staffs -- an elected Republican official with solid standing in the GOP, preferably a sitting senator or governor, who will give the ticket gravitas and heft.

But, apart from signing off on amnesty, choosing a Bush for his vice president was Reagan's biggest mistake, foisting this pestilence on the country for no reason. Reagan won in a landslide. Did he really need to worry about carrying Greenwich, Connecticut?
This is completely wrong. Trump isn't a standard-issue GOP, trying to balance the ticket to get his party into power. He's starting a new party! He's just blown up the old GOP. Instead of a party for, by and of globalist plutocrats, the new Trumpian party is a party of Americans for America.

How is Trump going to find a decent running mate from among the Republicans who have gotten ahead under the old model of sucking up to donors and lobbyists?

Almost any sitting Republican senator or governor would be total counter-programming to Trump's message. One searches the country in vain to find a half-dozen elected Republicans who have not supported amnesty, job-killing trade deals, Wall Street bailouts -- or all of the above. Trump's message is: I'm leaving the deadwood behind.

We always secretly suspected Republicans were selling out the country for their own interests, but now Trump has flushed them all out. At least the GOP isn't being subtle. Their position is: No, we will never allow anyone to be president who wants to do something about the border.

The moment Trump chooses his vice presidential candidate, every person in the media will be handed a personalized crowbar to pry daylight between Trump and his nominee.  [FULL]

You need more ammo

A guy walked into a crowded bar, waving his unholstered pistol and yelling, “I have a 45 caliber Colt 1911 with a seven round magazine plus one in the chamber and I want to know who’s been sleeping with my wife.”

A voice from the back of the room called out, “You need more ammo!”

Tom Smith




I find myself at loggerheads with the behemoth Google empire, specifically Blogger and YouTube.  Evidently there's a new protocol called HTTPS that my KompoZer editor (which I've used for 25 years)  doesn't comply with. And never will, because KompoZer's defunct.  So far I've been able to work around it by choosing the "Dismiss" option every time I post something, but I'm on borrowed time.  If I choose the "Fix" option, everything is torn to shreads.  Gettingt rollovers to work takes all sort of finagling.  I know that there will be a dozen explanations and getarounds offered, but at this point in my life I'm done with jumping over pigs.  This is not a notice; only an explanation for my impending doom, at least with this blogger version ( which format Google havn't supported for years). For no particular reason,  the late Acidman's  post where he just went stark naked comes to mind.  I think I know how he felt.

Girls 'n Grenades

Throws Like a Girl

Stu Tarlowe <>
What possibly could go wrong with women in Marine/Army infantry combat?


A hand grenade goes off in 3.5 seconds.        

 Ever hear the saying "throws like a girl"?

In the (new) Marine Corps (with women in combat),   this is what it looks like ... filmed on location, for your terror, at USMC Camp Pendleton, CA.


cinema à la carte                                 

I'm verging on awarding Netflix  the coveted Palm d'Grlfren for their in house productions. So far everyone we've watched scored at least 4 stars. We gave Marcella 4½ stars, but since you can only do whole stars, it got 5.

"Marcella" is diabolical.  I saw somewhere that some fans were were "outraged" over the ending which left them hanging.  Peasants.

ASIDE: I have watched the Friday Night Lights series, but was unaware that it was preceded by the movie, which starred Billy Bob Thornton.  Me and the 'Sup loved it. *****

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