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'We're not all SENATORS!

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Boxer Gaffe
Manager Chris Cannon Reveals How He Cleared Senator Boxer's Mind-Fog
Rep. Cannon Public Appearance
March 31, 1999 Freeweb

Here's the story (paraphrased): "Since the managers were positioned in front of the Democrats, I got to know a number of the other team's senators. During Lindsay Grahams closing statement, at one point he said something like:

'We are all SINNERS. . . . All are SINNERS and fall short of the glory of God,' given in his wonderful southern

With this, Senator Boxer, who was seated right in front of me, suddenly became agitated.

'He's not a SENATOR,' she said. 'We're not all SENATORS . . . He's not a SENATOR,' she repeated several times.

 Finally I told her that Lindsay was saying "We're all SINNERS, not all SENATORS." Of course after the impeachment vote there seems little difference between the two, even if most people are not nearly as confused as Senator Boxer was (is).

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03/31/99 21:02:38 PST 

 Found in a box of old files


HONK if you're sick of this shit!

49er's QB says he won't stand during anthem of a racist nation. And, ipso facto, any recent concert to Islam must be regarded as a possible ISIS threat.
UPDATE! Rush said it's a false report, but he's still scum. 
I said that "scum" part,  but everyone agrees. 

Lost and Found

When I suffered a monumental system crash a few years ago, that not only destroyed my computer  but the backup drive as well, I was bereft. I did cobble together a semblance of history using several thumb drives, and by mining info from three old computers stashed in the basement. When the smoke cleared I was left with most everything post 2008 (Except most of my Obama files?). 

While house cleaning on Friday, I discovered a stash of forgotten CD back-ups.  OMFG!  The past few days I've been mining them.  So far I've recovered approx. 300,000 pictures, and countless texts and e-mail data.  From time to time I'll repost some that have relevance, or just amuse me. Like these.

Remember when?

Oh My ...

Call it "Hubris"


PHOENIX (AP) - The investigation and possible prosecution of metropolitan Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be handled by the U.S. Justice Department after federal prosecutors in Arizona asked to be removed because of unspecified conflicts of interest, according to a court filing made public.

The U.S. Attorney's Office for Arizona said in its brief filing Friday in U.S. District Court in Phoenix that the case has been assigned to the Justice Department's criminal division, public integrity section.

The filing cited "existing conflicts of interest or the appearance of conflicts of interest pertaining to the matter" for Arizona's federal prosecutors, but it did not provide details.

Snow also said there was probable cause to believe Arpaio intentionally failed to turn over records that he had promised, under oath, to give to a court official.
Mel McDonald, an attorney for Arpaio, said he was disappointed by the decision.

"It's their call," McDonald said. "If they have a conflict ... I'm not one to second-guess that decision."

U.S. District Judge Murray Snow ruled last Friday that another judge should decide if Arpaio and others should be held in criminal contempt-of-court for ignoring court orders in a racial profiling case. Snow also said there was probable cause to believe Arpaio intentionally failed to turn over records that he had promised, under oath, to give to a court official.

The records were from a secret investigation that Arpaio's foes say focused on Snow in an attempt to discredit him.

Arpaio, a Republican who is running for a seventh term this year, has vigorously insisted that he didn't investigate Snow and instead said the probe was focused on widespread identity theft.  [More, if you can stand it]

  Like in a Greek play, Obama's DOJ is the crane with cable that lets him drop into and resolve any  political problem in a flash.  My contempt for this — this, call it  brigandage,  is boundless.  In my play, Sheriff Joe will be President Trump's Attorney General.