Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Is the press trustworthy?


 If the PraegerU series of Short Video are jewels, and they are, then this is a Red Beryl

Is the press trustworthy? Can we believe what reporters and journalists tell us? Judith Miller, Pulitzer Prize-winning former reporter for the New York Times, explains why Americans' trust in the news media has fallen, and why that matters.

Feminazi Mayhem


Flyers advertising an upcoming speech at Cal State LA by Christina Hoff Sommers — a talk titled “Where Feminism Went Wrong” — were ripped down by what appears to be a female student who called the posters offensive, according to a video of the incident.

The vandalism occurred Thursday morning at the public campus, according to Young Americans for Freedom, a conservative campus club hosting the talk.

Sommers’ talk, slated for Oct. 4, suggests that “feminism used to demand equality … now it demands safe spaces, trigger warnings and has become hostile to men,” the flyers say.


“Thankfully, CSULA YAF printed thousands of fliers and is well-equipped to replenish the campus in the wake of desperate feminists vandalizing their property,” the group stated in response to the incident. [FULL]

Who knows what's going on  with this girl who is seemingly wearing men's underpants on her head, and sporting Three Stooges? tats.  Maybe bitter because she was never asked to the prom?  Or unhinged over Hillary's impending humiliation at the polls?  It would be an act of Mercy if a CSULA fraternity assigned a pledge to ask her out on a date.  Could work wonders on her.  Or horse tranquilizers.

Yo! Get a job...

I’m deeply saddened by a sense that whites are still superior..."

BLACK RACISTS                            

"I’m deeply saddened by a sense
that whites are still superior..."

( (go to 14:40 for comments on race).

“I’m deeply saddened by a sense that whites are still superior in this country, in some sense, that if you sit at a restaurant, they’re served before a Kenyan is served,” he continued. “If you go through customs, a white person is going to have an easier time going through customs.”

Obama claimed to have experienced the discrimination first hand.

“I’ve experienced, probably, the Kenyan side of it because there’s been times when I went … without my sister, who is obviously Kenyan, to a restaurant where we’d have problems getting served, or the waiters would be rude,” he said.

Published on Oct 4, 2016
Never before seen video provided exclusively to Infowars shows President Barack Obama complaining about white privilege during a 1990 trip to Kenya. (go to 14:40 for comments on race).

The footage, filmed and narrated by Obama’s sister Auma, shows the president on his first trip to Kenya as a young man in his 20s. Michelle Obama also accompanied her husband on the trip.

Crowdfunding platform WeSearchr ( provided the video exclusively to Infowars.

Obama says in the film: "I’m deeply saddened by a sense that whites are still superior in this country, in some sense, that if you sit at a restaurant, they’re served before a Kenyan is served. If you go through customs, a white person is going to have an easier time going through customs."

Obama also warns that “things could explode at any point” as a result of the resentment black Kenyans have towards white people.

At one point in the movie Obama says he has "a lot at stake" in building "a strong black country in Kenya."

Elsewhere, the footage shows white and Asian tourists visiting poor Kenyan villagers, a sight that offends Obama, who refused to join them on the tour according to his sister.

"These strangers move about our country as a matter of course, with disturbing confidence," she states in the video, complaining that her people "are being exhibited" for the entertainment of the tourists.

Obama's 1990 comments are fascinating given the fact that his presidency has been tainted by some of the worst race relations in America for decades, fueled by police shootings and riots in Ferguson, Baltimore and Charlotte.

"The film is full of insights into Barack Obama’s psychology and worldview, especially with regards to the way he sees his family in Kenya and black-white race relations," said WeSearchr's Chuck Johnson, adding, "How much of a black nationalist do you think Obama is? What do you think he thinks of white people?"

Obama's remarks in the video will provide further ammunition for his critics, who claim that the president has used the office to stoke racial division, especially given his sympathies towards ‘Black Lives Matter’, a group whose ideological inspiration is a convicted cop killer on the FBI’s ‘Most Wanted Terrorists’ list.

Thanks to Chuck Johnson and for providing the footage - which cost $10,000 to obtain - please donate to them via their website.

Some Comments from "The Right Scoop"

Nancy • 41 minutes ago
Employment for Kenyans, but not for Americans. Hypocrite.

CommonCents • an hour ago

hahahah i hope the black community sees this video. some rich white honkee from the US blowing his own horn in his birth country kenya.

why hasn't the black community blasted him for being an uncle tom? what has fraudbama done for them anyway? especially against all his promises???

Lillie Belle ® 8/9/14 • 2 hours ago

Did anybody besides me recognize the ring on Obama's finger?


That's his "boyfriends" promise ring from college ;-)

 Conserv_58   an hour ago

I'm glad you brought that up because I did notice it. It certainly looks like the very ring that is said to be his wedding ring, which we know is not a wedding ring, but rather a ring given to him for completing his islamic education in Pakistan.

John Henry • 5 hours ago

Why would he wear glasses that make him look like Malcolm X? Oh, never mind.

Plot Evil  Dr. Strangelove • 5 hours ago

I had that same thought.

If Obama is lamenting actual racism in Kenya, then I don’t really have a beef with what he said. But from what I understand from people who know Africa better than I do, this wasn’t the case.

And given the context of Obama’s disdain for colonialism, I think it’s very possible that he is whining about perceived white privilege where there is none.

Also Obama is apparently smoking a doobie in the video.

Video doesn't add much to our store of knowledge, but for the record.

IRS subjects tea party groups to ... .

 Obama's Waffen Schutzstaffel  

The IRS‘ battle against holdout tea party groups is heating up again, after the tax agency promised it would begin processing their long-delayed applications, but sent a new round of prodding questions demanding still more information.

The IRS admitted in 2013 that it singled tea party groups out for intrusive scrutiny, including crossing lines by asking questions about the groups’ associations, meetings and even members’ reading habits. Some groups received multiple letters, each time further delaying their applications.
More jarringly, the IRS then publicly released one of the sets of questions it sent to the Texas Patriots Tea Party — a move the group’s lawyer says puts secret taxpayer return information, supposed to be protected, out in the public.

Tax experts say the IRS may be on safe legal ground, since the filing was made as part of a court case, and that’s one of the few narrow exceptions to strict IRS privacy laws.

Still, the move to release the information has inflamed an already tense class action legal battle between the IRS and tea party groups who feel the agency is still targeting them more than three years after it promised to cease.

“The IRS has taken the unprecedented step of publicly filing actual return information,” said Edward Greim, who is handling the case on behalf of more than 400 groups targeted by the IRS. [MORE]
Well at least those involved have all been removed from office and indicted. 
What's that?

Martin Niemöller Revisitd

Hitler's Mustache                           

[...] No church to go to? What does Orsi mean by that? Life Site News reports the priest referred back to the formation of Nazi Germany as a warning lesson, while encouraging Christians to buck the intimidation of speaking out politically.  “Too many of the pastors—too many, practically all—in Germany refused to speak against national socialism,” Orsi said. “And look [at] the result: millions of Jews, pastors, priests, homosexuals, gypsies all lost their lives because everyone was afraid. What are you afraid of, a couple of bucks? Your tax-exempt status? What’s that going to do to you? Your churches may be closed anyway, because if a certain party gets elected, this certain party said, if the churches do not agree with our interpretation of women’s reproductive rights, they’ll just have to change their doctrine.”

Orsi explained further that the next President will have incredible power of religious freedom through the Supreme Court Justices appointed.  “If a certain party gets elected, I can assure you what kind of judges are going to be on those appeals courts,” noting that those judges would decide whether the government may force churches and religious institutions to pay for abortion, contraception, and abortifacient drugs.

In a powerful statement summing up the growing animosity between liberals and conservatives, Orsi said: “Our opponents believe once they destroy the family, once they destroy the churches, they can re-create society in their own image and their own likeness. That, my friends, is not just political. That is diabolical. Get it straight, for crying out loud! The devil is in this!” [Full]
'nuff said ...

Hillary Puppet Eric Schneiderman


New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman ordered Donald Trump's charity to immediately halt fundraising in the state, following reports that it had not submitted to routine audits mandated by the state, the office announced Monday.
A review of tax returns and regulatory filings found Clinton family charities are in clear violation of New York law governing contributions by foreign governments. Yet, Democratic New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, who has endorsed Hillary Clinton for President and donated to the campaign, said his office believes the Clinton family charities are “in step” with state laws.

And the loser is ....

Tim Kaine

Vanderbilt University in Nashville has been mocked in the press lately over its seemingly neurotic obsession with pronouns. The latest chapter revolves around the staff name tags, which can include employees “preferred pronouns,” like she/her/hers.

With that in mind, Twitter pundits took note of the “woke” declaration…and the winner is:

"Were Kaine in college today, presumably he(?) would pick a similarly woke preferred pronoun.
Question of the night: Would it be “they” or “ze”? Presumably he(?) would not pick “
His Majesty.”