Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Wifely Laughter Reborn

cinema à la carte                                 

My wife has a droll sense of humor.  Where I laughed my arse off  watching "Something about Mary," she laughed only at me laughing. Last week had been a series of downers for us.  In the past, whenever I suggested  a dinner movie of  the, say, Monty Python genre, she would wrinkle her nose.  Last night I said, bear with me.  I will guarantee at least two  belly  laughs . She said fine, and picked up her x-word puzzle (a passive "I doubt it," if not full rebuke).  Result.  I really can't remember  watching any movie that had her  (and I hate to use this word) guffaw so uncontrollably.  Tears of laughter.  And  often.  On Netflix.

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