Thursday, November 23, 2017

Barry and Stu ...

 Barry Farber offers his take on dethroning of thug-dictator Robert Mugabe
"Good old Stu Tarlowe, faithful commentator to the very end, quipped that most if not all of those purloined people might be better off in the asylum than in the craziness that is life in Zimbabwe."


It looks like the worst country in the world is about to get better, or maybe worse!

Writer and commentator Stu Tarlowe (whom many know as Stu Tarlowe on C&S), in an American Thinker article a while back and just recently on my radio program, echoed an observation that “Africa’s breadbasket has become a basket case.” Tarlowe was referring to the southern African nation of Zimbabwe, formerly the agricultural and industrial powerhouse named Rhodesia, which autocrat Robert Mugabe has both comically and catastrophically misruled since 1987.

Read it all HERE.
Good One Stu, Gobble Gobble.


Tom Smith said...

I thought the UN fixed all that down there.............

Unknown said...

Thanks, Rodger!

And, for anyone who's interested, my original American Thinker article is here:

My premise was that Robert Mugabe has to be one of Barack Obama's heroes and role models, for implementing in the former Rhodesia the kind of "fundamental transformation" that Obama dreamed about for the U.S.

Skoonj said...

Turning a breadbasket into a basket case is a communist trademark. Ukraine comes to mind, followed by ... oh yeah, Zimbabwe.

Poverty is caused by the unequal distribution of capitalism. Take all those African and South American poverty cases, make them capitalist, and they will be wealth generators almost overnight.

Unknown said...

I used to know a guy named "Smiley"; he looked a lot like Arsenio Hall; in fact, he might have been Arsenio Hall, because this was way back before Arsenio became famous. Anyway, Smiley operated a hot dog cart in NE Portland, OR, which is kind of borderline "inner city ghetto". Smiley was a great example of entrepreneurship. I'd hang out with him and we'd talk about the psychology of sales; when I'm giving a sales meeting I use him as an example of the principle of "assume the sale"; people would walk up and he'd say, "How many, please?"
But what struck me, and the reason I'm bringing this up, is that I was always amazed at how many people came up and said, "Hey, why don't you help a brotha and jus' gimme one o'dem dawgs?"

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