Thursday, November 23, 2017

Psycho Thanksgiving

 A Psyco Thanksgiving

This video was deleted by YouTube because (I'm guessing) it struck too close to home for the delete-er. Anyway, eBAUMS has it.  (via Tom "Gobble Gobble"Mann)


Don Curton said...

Wow. Makes me feel a bit better for the carp I'll have to put up with today with my son. We'll be at his fiancee family house so he'll probably behave better. And if anything happens, I'll just mutter "go Eagles" to myself.

David aka True Blue Sam said...

Thank You. I have no troubles.

Linda Sue O'Grady said...

Makes me thankful to be alone this year, with just my dogs.

Eskyman said...

Happy Thanksgiving to The Real King and all his court!

(With the hope and prayer that no psycho anything happens, and that much enjoyment is thankfully had by all!)

Unknown said...

A number of the commenters (not here, but on the page linked to, where the video appears) seem to think the whole thing was staged. If so, that's an awful lot of trouble to go through for something so easily imaginable, and which so many of us have seen in real life (if not with quite so extreme an ending). I can't help but think that, had it actually happened, the ungrateful child, ill-mannered child would have been slapped silly by his father.

DougM said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Rodge.
Yes, a little perspective sometimes helps.
Trouble is, I dine alone; but this is what goes on in my mind with my imaginary friend every time.
(What? Shaddap!)

Chris in NC said...

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!! :)

Juice said...

Daddy should have dropped him on the spot ... many years ago as well.

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