Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Oh My ... Eric Holder in the spotlight?

Holder's Mustache                           


In the words of Dave Barry, “I swear I am not making this up.” According to Vulture, CBS is “ordering a pilot for Main Justice, a show based on the life of former attorney general Eric Holder.”

Really. Would that be the Eric Holder who joined a student occupation of an ROTC facility and mau maued Columbia University into naming the building after Malcom X? Or is the the Eric Holder who advised Bill Clinton to issue the last-minute pardon of big-time Democratic money […]

CBS muckamucks have not a clue about what a "Show About The Life Of Eric Holder" would mean to Eric Holder.  I mean, I'm all for it.  But Holder is a primary target for federal prosecution for ... help me count the crimes .. that he can be charged with, going back to the Clinton years. So, bring it on. [See also the HOLDER FILES.

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