Friday, February 23, 2018

Stilton's u-Caption



Rip Tide said...

The job's not finished till the paperwork's done......

Jess said...

Realizing he's stuck, Bill wonders if his first date with Sharon will end in disaster.

neal said...

Burned the furniture to get through a hard winter. Pickle buckets come in handy.

Doug M said...

• NYT reporter races to meet deadline
• Fred regrets attending a TP-less nudist camp
• Management at the saxophone factory have a sense of humor
• Thomas Crapper decides to recommend privacy walls with his new flush toilets
• The original think tank
• Sam remembered to bring the crossword puzzle but not the pencil
• What Bill did know was that he didn't want to go blind
• Bruce practices for after the sex-change operation
• Al thinks the TSA is getting downright fussy
• It's days like this when George thinks he should learn to read

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