Friday, February 23, 2018

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ST. LOUIS ( -- Missouri Governor Eric Greitens was indicted Thursday on one felony count of invasion of privacy.

The charge says Greitens knowingly took a photograph of a woman in a "state of full or partial nudity without the knowledge and consent" of that woman. The charge goes on to say the photograph was taken "in a place where a person would have a reasonable expectation of privacy, and the defendant subsequently transmitted the image contained in the photograph in a manner that allowed access to that image via a computer."

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Prosecutor Gardner is a Democrat who has faced her own share of scrutiny.

Last summer, after Gardner's first six months on the job, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that at least a dozen experienced prosecutors had left her staff. By August, St. Louis radio station KMOX was reporting that staffing issues were having an effect on the resolution of criminal cases.

In January, a St. Louis judge disqualified Gardner's office from prosecuting a police shooting case, the Post-Dispatch reported. The judge ruled that the removal would "avoid an appearance of impropriety" because her office was simultaneously investigating whether the shooting was justified.

In a separate statement, Greitens' lawyers called the charges "baseless and unfounded," in a statement to the Post-Dispatch. They'll reportedly file a motion to dismiss the charges.

Greitens, a Republican, is a decorated former Navy SEAL officer whose received a Bronze Star and Purple Heart, among other awards, according to his service record. He enlisted in the Navy in 2000.

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Unknown said...

Greitens admitted the affair (to his wife and to the public), but the other allegations (which include bondage and blackmail) are without any evidence; they are merely claims made by the woman and her ex-husband. They can't prove the allegations are true any more than Greitens can prove them false. Normally the assumption of innocence until proven guilty would obtain, but not when the accused is a Republican and the Dems and their press lackeys smell blood in the water. I've heard countless news reports that refer to the alleged photograph as if it actually exists.

Gordon Liddy observed (in his hugely entertaining novel "The Monkey Handlers", which should have been made into a movie) that Navy SEALS would rather fight than fuck. It's too bad Greitens didn't get that memo.

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