Thursday, October 02, 2008

Over and Out

Bromides and Bullshit
This is how far I got, and as far as I'm going.  Asked who was responsible for the subprime meltdown, Biden named Bush's economic policies, and John McCain's advocacy of more deregulation.  He said Barack Obama, two years ago, had worked for regulation of the subprime lenders, while McCain worked for deregulation.  An outrageous mistruth.  Palin  had two chances to hit that fat pitch right through Biden's lying teeth, but chose instead to be John McCain, and pitty-pat about with bromides, and bullshit. .  So much for that. I'm going back to the Hitler Channel.


root@localhost.localdomain said...

Absolutely maddening. As a democrap, all you have to say in order to counter any inconvenient fact, is simply say "That's not true" and the media will back you up from D.C. to daylight.

Biden is a G*d damned liar. Easily proven by looking at his and Osama's voting record and comparing it to the crap he's spewing tonight.

Palin did begin to do better later in the debate. In the first 10 minutes I was hurling just as many rotten vegetables at her as him. Fucking pandering to the global warming bullshit. Have some damn balls woman!!!

daniel said...

Q: How do we know when Biden is lying????

A: When his mouth is moving.

FishStyx said...

Ditto, Rodge.

Thats exactly as far as I made it as well. My wife thought my head was going to explode.

Unbelievable... Flat-out, unbridled, 180-degree lies and the "stupid-party" does nothing to counter or correct them.

rockville said...

Sarahcuda did address some of Biden's "misstatements", but there were just so many, it was impossible to cover them all.

She did hit him pretty hard on the Iraq/Afghanistan issues, though.

Anonymous said...

On why she failed to hit back ... "it's baffling" says Krauthammer on Fox.

oy vey ole'

Anonymous said...

Thats a shame, you sissies missed out. She was obviously told to leave that question alone. My skin crawled too. Then after about the 4th question she dug in and just kept gaining steam. I LOVED how she controlled the questions several times and went back to finish her point. She did awesome. I love Sarah, and "gol darn it" she loves me.

Darin said...

I agree with Ace, McCain is holding fire on Fannie/Freddie until the bailout passes. Hopefully as soon as it passes the House tomorrow, he gives Barack both barrels.

Anonymous said...

I third that Rog. I was yelling liar at the TV and damned if Sarah did not jump down his throat for it . I turned it off after that, if Sarah let that one get by-f it

Dr. Hardcrab said...


I'll fourth it. Watched the last hour of "Dodgeball".

"If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball!"


Anonymous said...

Whew, thought I was the only one with these thoughts.


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