Thursday, April 30, 2009

Chicken and toes

A man with a plan

You don't need no stinking Harvard MBA to keep that failed newspaper afloat, or sell a good chicken.  What you need is knowledge about what your target market wants, and give it to them. In south Chicago that evidently is a toe massage with your wings.  Toby Jones started his Big-Ass empire by purchasing a warehouse for $1.00, and now look at him.  He also sells a line of Big-Ass T-shirts and bumper stickers, designed by his mama. Tell me you're not tempted by this menu, but note that "people missing toes still pay full price."
At Jones' BBQ we make deliciously cooked food with class. We'll fry anything, in any style and in any way. The only limit is my imagination and your stomach!

Tell what you want to eat, I'll cook it!

We also offer:

* Alabama Free Range Biscuits
* Homemade Soup Soaked Fries
* "SuperStar" Carrot Bread
* Tossed Catfish
* Beer Battered Bacon
* The Triple Fried Grab Bag
* Fried Pie

Go ahead and place your order today at 708-224-6191


Anonymous said...

Mr. Jones is a Genius.I want some Collards with my Toes.


Anonymous said...

Beer Battered Bacon. Mmmm Can that be chicken fried?

Anonymous said...

Is the toe massage where he gets his seasonings? That's genius;
but I'll pass and wish him well.
Lt. Col. Gen. Tailgunner dick

JMcD said...

♪He be jammin.♪♫

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on. Not a joke site? :}

Anonymous said...

Could be a joke site, but since I saw the Triple Bypass Burger, I'll believe anything.


Rodger the Real King of France said...

call the number and order some fried bacon Juice.

Anonymous said...

Fried bacon juice?

Anonymous said...

Well, short of a phone call, I must say the Free Range Bisquits created a grin here, boss, in "Organica" CA.

;p Juice

JMcD said...

"Hey Bru...Y'all quit havin dem deep frier skimmins any mo?"

Anonymous said...

Didn't you post his video about his truck and storage yard a ways back Rog? Dude is expanding his empire.

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