Monday, July 04, 2011

The GOP - America's Biggest Cave

Take a cab GOP

Republicans May Take 'Mini' Debt-Ceiling Deal...
...Caution White House On Last-Minute Budget

The GOP - America's Biggest Cave
     Admit it.  You knew this was coming.


Anonymous said...

Yep were are going to get screwed again by the GOP RINOS. Those clowns roll over every chance they get for OZero.

Makes me want to puke.

molonlabe28 said...

Yeah, I had to stifle my gag reflex watching John Cornyn on a Sunday news show while I was eating lunch.

My own state's 2 Lilliputian Senators, Alexandar and Corker, will fall lemming-like in line with whatever the Senate GOP leadership (these words shouldn't be in the same sentence) decides.

Cornyn is the genius who caused the GOP Senate re-election committee (NRSC or something like that) to endorse Charlie Crist, the sexually ambiguous guy from Florida with the orange tan, who is now an advertising trial lawyer, over Marco Rubio. What prescience.

So it follows, of course, that he should be Senator we put on the front line for a sellout with the administration.

At least Rand Paul plans to stage a filibuster of the debt ceiling increase.

I trust that Jim DeMint will join him along with his various Senate mentees.

We can only hope.

toadold said...

Rest assured that the "good" Senator from Texas has been getting "messages" from home.

hellferbreakfast said...

molonlabe28, those two are my senators also. You're absotivley correct. The only time they are seen are @ election & photo ops. Riding the gravy train as far as they can.

Anonymous said...

Everything you ever need to know about Lamar Alexander in one story: After being named President of the University of Tennessee (school colors orange and white) he showed up at his first UT Board of Trustees function dressed in black pants and a gold jacket (Vanderbilt colors). If you want to know the average UT alum's opinion of Vahderbhilt think of UNC vs Duke without the civility.

- One Man Gang

hellferbreakfast said...

Although I have voted for him, I've always said Alexander is nothing more than algore in a plaid flannel shirt.

rickn8or said...

One Man Gang, molonlabe28, make it three that are pretty "unimpressed" in Bob and Lamar. In fact, I refer to Corker as "One-Term Bob". At least we could count on Junior to vote the socialist line every time.

But these two fit right in with the GOP "leadership".

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