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   The yesterday's Women's World Cup championship game against Japan was all over in 15 miutes.  USA came out to one of the most incredible starts I’ve ever witnessed in any sporting event, and it won them the game. Or Carli Lloyd won them the game. We knew she was that old cliche, a big game player. But we didn’t know she was that good. Take away her goals, and it was a pretty even game - and the second-half in particular was a more balanced affair. But then USA didn’t need to be particularly good in the second period - because they had Lloyd. (The Guardian)

Lloyd scored three times, the first hat-trick in a women's final.  Ever. But it was Lloyd's third shot that blew my mind.  How do you score from midfield in a cup final?  Japan's goalie was cheating too far out,  and without thinking Lloyd just drilled it over her head. All this after just 15 minutes, and the game was over, allowing us to spend the remaining 75 minutes watching  number 13's (Alex Morgan, wearing the skin uniform))  amazing athleticism.  USA USA USA!


Anonymous said...

Is this the "other team" I keep hearing about?

Rodger the Real King of France said...

I noticed that #5 had quite a bit of perkiness too.

DougM said...

Saw a PhotoShop with Carli Lloyd on the new $10 bill.

Esteve said...

Chanel surfing and hit the game (match?) right after the first goal. Watched the rest and enjoyed it because there was scoring. First soccer thing I have ever watched to the end. Man, those Canadian girls carrying the medals at the end were skinny. A non futbol observation.

DougM said...

American Woman
The Chive

Anonymous said...

Ron in Ohio sez:

Way to go girls! Although it's not a sport that I really care about, It is the USA and it's great to see our gals beating the world - Once again - At their own game, Futbol.

DEFINITELY NOT members of the "JV Team" that the Obungler likes to talk about. I wonder if he'll invite them to the White House? Probably not! After all, they are all WHITE and that's RACIST!

Anonymous said...

America has grass-hockey?

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