Friday, March 30, 2018

If not Trump?



If Not Trump... Who?

To those who didn't get the original notification, this is just a note that I won't be sending out news articles each day.  Here is why. (Skoonj)

Trump just kissed his own ass goodbye. The Republicans will lose the House, Trump will be impeached, and he will not be re-elected in 2020. That's my instant analysis.

In fact, he might not last that long. His effort to not get blamed for a government shutdown has sealed his fate. He got horrible advice from his staff. Reagan shut it down several times, and pretty much got what he wanted despite not having majorities in either House. Once impeached, which is a near certainty, how many of senate castrati will join Democrats in voting to convict?

This debacle tells me it no longer matters who I vote for. Democrat and Republican, it's all the same. It doesn't even matter which party is in the majority. The Senate majority leader, McConnell, has been invisible since the signing. Maybe he's consulting with the Chinese paymasters for his wife and himself.

Last year, early in the new administration, Rush Limbaugh interviewed Vice President Pence on his radio show. Rush asked ... why would anyone vote for Republicans? I don't recall the answer. A year later it really doesn't matter which candidate and which party one votes for. Election day will come and go without notice in my house. Maybe I'll get up the energy to go to the polling place and make a demonstration: I'll burn my voter registration card. That's how little voting means today.

No, I don't feel any better about it now.  In fact, voting and political activism or even rooting means essentially nothing.  Each day I send out between ten and 20 articles, mostly political.  With them, it is my hope, people are better informed and that may help when confronting the "lesser breeds without the law."  However, what Trump has done is so egregious, and comes from a Congress so compromised, that information, confrontation and voting mean essentially nothing.  We came.  We fought.  We lost.

I now see no reason to continue sending out the articles, and so I won't.  I'm not going anywhere, but I'm not going to waste my time.

Damian Housman
I'm a Democrat
I Loot the Treasury
Thank You For Your Support

In my Dear Don post last week I expressed my own disappointment with The Donald.   My assessment of the state of our union goes much deeper than the presidency. Here are some thoughts that cross my mind.  Hey, I'm not saying I would follow through, they're just random thoughts that express my despair.

We are engaged in a great civil war.  For Real 
Who do we have to kill? And how?  Were' talking millions.  Eek.
After selling our home and cashing out, where do we move?
If they come for my guns (if I only had some) would I shoot it out?
Yes if I saw them coming  (my wife did not disagree when I shared this one with her)
What can I, as one person do? Maybe like John Burns.
I pray.
Would I nuke Washington DC if I could? At the right (or wrong) moment (Congress in session for sure).  And all Democrat Party functions.
Would these actions be a mortal sin? 
Do I blame Donald Trump? ( No)
I think we move to Alabama.
If I cashed out everything I could buy a helicopter and ... do stuff.
Todays Millennials and snowflakes are the future, But they are so utterly ignorant. 
Nuking about 300 college campi would be a noble thing,
Fuck Duke.

.(writ on Monday, posted on Friday)


Eskyman said...

Well, here's your flag: "if at first you don't succeed, give up."

I'll keep on battling, myself. "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!"

Anonymous said...

Rodg - How about "Nuke Duke"? It has a nice ring to it, and it could be a training run for or a followup to DC. Plenty of range on the B-52 to do it either way.
Your Tailgunner.

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