Friday, August 28, 2009

Visit from Barry

How's that hope and change deal working out?


Yet more writing ib the wall

The Resistible Rise of a Chicago Thug
a fable

Times are bad. Prices are rising. House prices are falling. There's a recession looming. A new leader is needed. It's 1930s Chicago. where you're sitting.

With a winning smile, a machine gun and an army of hoods, local crime boss and aspirational tyrant Arturo Ui sees an opportunity. He offers protection and freedom - at a very large price.
Chuck M

That's funny Ted

"There was never a more instructive
example of what a liberal truly
is than Senator Ted Kennedy." (Frank J)

Even if you wanted to be hypocritical and try to say something nice about Edward Kennedy, it would be way hard, for reasons listed below (for starters). Listen to liberal twats Diane Rehm and former Newsweek editor Ed Klein marvel at Ted's ability to joke about Chappaquiddick, and find another reason to piss on his grave.
Small consolation for Mary Jo Kopechne: Yesterday she got to be a trending topic on Twitter. Would mean more if she lived to see the internet.

Is thinking you shouldn’t be in politics after drowning a woman and fleeing the scene a right-wing Christian extremist thing?

I’ll certainly refrain from saying bad things about him if others who didn’t know him personally refrain from saying nice things. Compromise.

Many who trash Kennedy now are putting politics before decency… but no more so than anyone who voted to reelect him after what he did.

You have to admit, if the worst that comes out of Chappaquiddick is a blemish on Ted Kennedy’s memorial, he got off really easy.

Enemy at the gate

Chicago Auctions

The former main Chicago post office was built in 1921, with an addition in 1932. The Graham, Anderson, Probst and White-designed building looks almost as indestructible on the inside as it does to passersby. That is, except for the peeling paint, the falling dropped ceilings, the buckled wood floors and the dusty debris that's accumulated since the Postal Service relocated across Harrison Street. (Tribune photo by Antonio Perez / July 8, 2009)
When we were kids, me and Sister-Sue would delight when mom and pop drove under this building on the way home from the train station.  It was the Second Wonder of the World (after the  fluoroscope shoe deal at Sears).  That it went for a mere $40 mil surprises me, since I would think the location alone is worth more.  The Merchandise Mart has 4 million sq. ft., and was purchased by Joe Kennedy for $12.5 mil in 1945 (without putting a cent down) and is currently valued at $917 million   Anyway, I set to thinking, what would I do with 2.7 million square feet of space in downtown Chicago, if it was magically deeded over to me?  After much thought, I decided I'd sell it for $40 million and leave Dodge.

PS.  I know it was a public auction, but this is Chicago after all.  It'll be interesting to see who the new owners are, and what their connection to Obama is.  Oh, there will be a connection.

The party that won't stop

Suzy was Ted's Jeane Dixon
Chance of Obama Visit Highlights Bond With Kennedy
(August 23, 2009) 

 "With Kennedy now at his vacation home in Hyannis Port on Cape Cod and Obama setting off on his weeklong stay on nearby Martha's Vineyard, there's speculation the president may come see the ailing senator." AP

Which news caused Suzette to pen this missive to the Tedster ...

Dear Ted,

Charge  up  your motorized wheelchair make tracks for Route 6 pronto. Barry's coming and YOU KNOW what his plans are for sick old people.


Who is this woman
and why is Obama rewarding her?