Saturday, September 12, 2009

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Anytime you're ready Mr. DeMille!

CNN Most Watched Segement Ever

Two Million Guns


 Why Obama wants that private army I reckon.

what cheese?

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Obama Motors - The future

In conclusion ...
When innovation is left to socialist gummints

Future of Obama Motors

Mother Love - unfathonable at the extremes

Soap Opera

A little off-beat ...

Tim W sent his interesting story. 
Results from a recent survey carried out for a leading toiletries firm (Brut), indicate that men from Detroit and Chicago aew the most  likely to have had sex in the shower!
In the survey, a combines 86% of Detroit 's and Chicago 's inner city residents (almost all of whom are registered Democrats) said they have enjoyed sex in the shower.
The other 14% said they hadn't been to prison yet.  

Goodnight kiss $10,000 extra

*Sigh* The rich get everything

Barn Army Breakfast in DC

Who's that knocking on my door?
asked the Botox faced Speaker

Live 10:45 AM

 Live cam and other views at the top. Thanks to Samurai AG TFV who is down there recruiting for the Barn Army!
Friday Night White House Policy Dump:



Extrapolate and conjugate that

 In the immediate aftermath of Joe Wilson calling a spade a spade, and amid cries that Wilson should be flogged, two items nestled into my brainal mass for future use. 
  1. “Everybody was stunned,” Rep. Maxine Waters, D-CA, said of Wilson’s eruption. “It was just something that nobody had ever witnessed before. We all felt embarrassed.” - source
The mind boggles.  Maxine Waters is capable of being embarrassed?

  1. In South Carolina, by the way, The State reports that shortly after the president's speech last night:
The congressman's Web site had crashed, he had taken a beating on his Twitter page and Democrat Rob Miller had raised thousands of unexpected dollars online for a possible rematch with Wilson in next year's midterm elections, according to Lachlan McIntosh, Miller's campaign manager. - NPR
After liberal Internet activists turned Miller into a cause celebre in their effort to extract revenge on Wilson, conservatives joined the fray. Wilson, who hired GOP web strategist David All, now has ads running on conservative-leaning web sites such as the Drudge Report. (which is now reporting  -

Money or no money, Miller lost to Wilson in 2008 while 110% of SC's Blacks were voting for Obama.  Extrapolate and conjugate that.