Monday, November 02, 2009

Palin does Biden

Sarah Palin: Response to Vice President Biden's Comments Today About My Position On Energy Independence

 R'voltin' Joe was in Watertown stumping for Donk Owens today, and stepped on the wrong fashionable pumps.
As the vice president knows, I have always advocated an all-of-the-above approach to American energy independence. Among other things, my alternative energy goal for Alaska sits at 50 percent because Alaska reached more than 20 percent during my term in office. The Obama-Biden administration, on the other hand, recently announced a renewable goal of only 25 percent. However, domestic drilling should remain a top priority in order to meet America’s consumption and security needs.

The vice president’s extreme opposition to domestic energy development goes all the way back to 1973 when he opposed the Alaska pipeline bill. As Ann Coulter pointed out, “Biden cast one of only five votes against the pipeline that has produced more than 15 billion barrels of oil, supplied nearly 20 percent of this nation’s oil, created tens of thousands of jobs, added hundreds of billions of dollars to the U.S. economy and reduced money transfers to the nation’s enemies by about the same amount.”

This nonsensical opposition to American domestic energy development continues to this day. Apparently the Obama-Biden administration only approves of offshore drilling in Brazil, where it will provide security and jobs for Brazilians. This election is about American security and American jobs.

There’s one way to tell Vice President Biden that we’re tired of folks in Washington distorting our message and hampering our nation’s progress: Hoffman, Baby, Hoffman!

- Sarah Palin
 And just for snickers - check out NJ’s Governor’s Race: Candidate Plays Loose With Facts?


Genius stuff

I've been thinking

I'd buy one of these scooters today, as is.  Rollover for a larger size; click the pic for Old Picture of the Day, a blog that - you know.  Looking at this picture summoned another idea, one I've had for awhile.  Of course there will be no obvious connection.

Here's what I'd like to see.  I'd like to see the next summer Olympics awarded to, for example, Annapolis, MD.  I'm using it because I know what facilities are available, but it could be be virtually any city in the civilized world.  Here's what would happen.

Construction:  None.

That's s right.  The Summer Olympics are held in Annapolis, and there is not one farthing spent in preparation.  Outdoor events will be held in the Naval Academy stadium, or the community college grounds.  Various school gymnasiums will be pressed into service, swimming events in the Academy pool, or in the Severn River.  Boating events - duh. No tickets sold.  Anyone with a camera can record, or transmit any event.   Wait.  Maryland will have to make one concession.  The right to carry will have to be extended to Marylanders, who will then function as self security.  It will be a boon for area restaurants, hotels, etc., but anyone who wants to pitch a tent may do so on designated campsites.  Anyone who wants to sell food, or serve beverages, can.  What will the Olympic Committee receive?  Not a nickel; only kudos for going clean.

I'm not kidding.   It's how I would run things.  Oh one more throwback.  Olympians have to compete nude.  Except wrestlers.  French swimmer Laure Manaudou would agree, I think.

Think he learned a lesson?

Boehner Regrets Endorsing Scozzafava
House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Monday that he regretted endorsing moderate Republican Dede Scozzafava for New York’s 23rd district and said his party would now do everything possible to help Conservative Party nominee Doug Hoffman win in Tuesday’s special election.  (Roll Call)


The Perfect Woman Circa 1930

 Today's Perfect Woman, Some Say
others say wtf

November 2, 2003

Six Years Ago Today ...

November 02, 2003


Afro Willy
    Memphis Commercial Appeal journalist Wendi Thomas , an African American woman struggling with her admiration for a man who's a liar, cheat, adulterer, and an embarrassment to the nation, comes to a conclusion.

" I know this makes absolutely no sense - [but all that] only served to make him more likable."

     Yup, Bill "Slick Willy" (he hates the sobriquet) Clinton was in town to receive the  National Freedom Award from the National Civil Rights Museum.  The crowd swooned when Slicky tossed the word "nigger" around.  "What other politician could do that?" asks Ms. Thomas.

   Well, David Duke used it as an applause line, and now so does Mr. Willy.  For much the same reasons if you really think about it.  Sheesh.

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November 02, 2003

Sunday Quiz

Who said this"
"Most small businesses fail in the first year, so let's give entrepreneurs a period [two years] of no taxation so they can get their operations on their feet."
  1. Al bert Einstein
  2. Ronald Reagan
  3. The smartest kid in the third grade
  4. Al Sharpton

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breakfast of champions

my breakfast with tom jefferson

 Then  we went bowling.

The NEA. Again.

I Am Not Making This Up

 The DNC's bureau of agit-prop have, I guess, come out of the Liberal closet with this one.  HITFF can they possibly, not just recommend, but praise Saul Alinsky's guide to overthrowing the United State's government? Listen to this ...

Saul Alinsky, who was a labor and civil-rights activist from the 1910's until he died in 1972, has written here a guidebook for those who are out to change things. He sets down what the goal is: a society where people are free to live, and also aren't starving in the streets. A society where there is legal and economic justice. Then he sets out to say how to get there.

I got your Alinsky right hereAlinsky spends a lot of time critiquing the idea that "The end does not justify the means." What end? What means? He feels that there are circumstances where one can and should use means that in other circumstances would be unethical. I am not sure I agree, but Alinsky certainly speaks with the voice of experience.

Alinsky's goal seems to be to encourage positive social change by equipping activists with a realistic view of the world, a kind of preemptive disillusionment. If a person already knows what evil the world is capable of, then perhaps the surprise factor can be eliminated, making the person a more effective activist. Alinsky further seems to be encouraging the budding activist not to worry to much about getting his or her hands dirty. It's all a part of the job, he seems to say. [blah-blah-blah]

 Okay, I'm being a bit factitious in my outrage, having already endorsed the plan to drop the NEA hierarchy down an active volcano, but still  ...


The usual suspects, and some happy

In passing
 Some shadowy figures and a Wunder Boner!.

NY-23 AND THE GOP Jarrett says the GOP is becoming “more and more extreme,” Ax says the election tells GOP moderates that "there's no room at the inn for them," and Plouffe calls out Fox, and slams Palin. Carville: “Ronald Reagan’s big tent just collapsed in Upstate New York.” And Boehner says there’s “a political rebellion going on in America.” (Politico)

Ryan White Act Will End HIV/AIDS Travel Ban
Obama signed the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Treatment Extension Act of 2009 Friday, which means the travel ban preventing HIV and AIDS patients from visiting or immigrating to the United States has been lifted. Obama called the initial ban a decision that was "rooted in fear rather than fact" when he signed the bill.

"SPAM KING"  Loses $711M in Facebook Lawsuit

Sanford Wallace, the self-proclaimed "Spam King," just messed with the wrong social networking site -- today he lost $711 million in a lawsuit brought on by Facebook. A California court awarded the huge damages to the site after they sued him for violating the CAN-SPAM act, and "Spamford" could even face jail time if convicted. - All this and John O'Quinn in the same week?  Wow.

Again, words fail.

Commercial #4 in the countdown may have influenced the First Lady as a child.


The Rush Limbaugh effect-
Hoffman has a 79 point lead with Rush listeners while Owens has a 6 point lead with people who don't listen to the show.(In a two way contest Hoffman leads Owens by 15 points.)

Pants on Fire

"Tax hikes as far as the eye can see"
 The 1,990-page, 400,000-word revised Obamacare proposal hatched by the House was posted on the Web earlier this week, and it was not long before Americans for Tax Reform and others found new tax increases galore buried in the arcane language of legislative text.

There is the Employer Mandate Excise Tax of 8 percent of average wages if your boss doesn't provide approved coverage -- and trust us, "Doing this will put the company out of business" won't be an acceptable excuse for the health care bureaucrats. There is the Individual Mandate Surtax of 2.5 percent of your income if you choose not to buy approved coverage. And don't forget the Medical Devices Excise Tax equal to 2.5 percent of the wholesale price. That ought to put a stop to frivolous gadgets like MRIs that greedy medical equipment companies use to enrich themselves. For details on all 13 of these new tax increases, go to

Here's something else to think about: Remember that deal cut back in the spring by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers Association and health care reform advocates in the Obama White House and Congress? The manufacturers agreed to support Obamacare in return for an $80 billion cap on mandatory rebates and price cuts on drugs sold to Medicare participants. Now, in their effort to "pay for" health care reform's $1 trillion or more cost, Pelosi and company have repudiated the deal with PhRMA and doubled the mandatory rebates and price cuts. If that's how they treat their friends, you can count on big increases in those 13 new taxes. [Tax hikes as far as the eye can see]

 +Your Share of the New Health Excise Tax

Limbo-Chris Wallace

Fox News Sunday
 Chris Wallace interviews Rush
 WALLACE: You have made no secret of the fact you oppose the public option, government-run health insurance to compete with private insurers. With tens of millions of Americans still uninsured, do you think that the government has any moral obligation to find some way to cover them?

RUSH: There is a way to insure the uninsured without doing any of what we're doing. If that were the objective, then I'd be full for it.
 This is not about insuring the uninsured. This is not about health care. This is about stealing one-sixth of the U.S. private sector and putting it under the control of federal government.

And when they get this health care bill, if they do, that's the easiest, fastest way for them to be able to regulate every aspect of human behavior, because it will all have some related cost to health care -- what you drive, what you eat, where you live, what you do.

And there'll be penalties for violating regulations. It's going to be the biggest snatch of freedom and liberty that has yet occurred in this country.