Monday, November 16, 2009

Ex-boyfriend yelled something?

Worst Wedding Picture Ever

Who's the victim?

Chicago Sense

Attention Frogs

 Bang, Bang.  The two most recent Chicago Boyz posts are spot on prescient. Clips below.

To say that in a planned society the Rule of Law cannot hold is, therefore, not to say that the actions of the government will not be legal or that such a society will necessarily be lawless. It means only that the use of the government’s coercive powers will no longer be limited and determined by pre-established rules. The law can, and to make a central direction of economic activity possible must, legalize what to all intents and purposes remains arbitrary action. If the law says that such a board or authority may do what it pleases, anything that board or authority does is legal – but its actions are certainly not subject to the Rule of Law.F.A. Hayek, The Road to Serfdom.

Health Choices Commissioner, “pay czars”, the Kelo decision, bail outs! To this layperson ... . [A Planned Society and the Rule of Law]

The greatest danger posed in the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM) isn’t that he will go free. The greatest danger is that he will be convicted and that during his appeals the courts will ratify all of the extraordinary measures used to capture and convict him. The great danger is that the courts will ratify the rough, inaccurate and ambiguous norms of martial law as applying to all civil criminal trials.

After a couple of decades of these court decisions reverberating throughout the legal system, we could end up living under de facto martial law.  [How Obama is Bringing Martial Law to America]

Come on in, the water's perfect.

Better Dead than Ted?

Patrick Kennedy vs. the church
 Crap the Catholic Church foolishly put up with Ted, is
nuh-uh with Patrick.  Everything else is the same.

 If it's true that each iteration of Joseph P.Kennedy DNA is significantly watered down, and it is, then small wonder that Patrick is dad Teddy's clone, only dumber. The inverse ratio of intellect to arrogant sense of entitlement, however, is enhanced, alas.

At a graveside ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, Cardinal Theodore A. McCarrick read aloud the letters exchanged between the dying senator and Pope Benedict XVI. In his letter, Kennedy listed the ways in which his public policy views mirrored the social teachings of the church. I have always tried to be a faithful Catholic,’’ he wrote.

The pope’s response was polite, if tepid. It reflected the ambivalence of a pontiff who knew the ways in which Kennedy’s views did not mirror church teachings, but did not want to point them out to a dying, yet still powerful, man. But now there’s no such reluctance when it comes to Kennedy’s son.

With Patrick Kennedy, the cassocks are off.

After Representative Kennedy of Rhode Island questioned why the church is vowing to fight any health care bill that does not explicitly ban the use of public money for abortions, Bishop Thomas J. Tobin of Providence fired back. Tobin called Kennedy’s support of abortion rights “a deliberate and obstinate act of will’’ that was “unacceptable to the church and scandalous to many of our members.’’ [Patrick Kennedy vs. the church]
 Now, deal with Pelosi.

Too easily hooked on saccharin

Finding cube roots and getting laid

TENS System


  I bought this on spec last year for MoSup's back.  It's turned out to be the best thing I've gotten for her since ... something else.  It works, and it's 1/2 what I paid for it. FWIW

Camp Oprah


 Photos of Teh One in training at Camp Oprah "Obamunist Prep School" c,1999
Certified unretouched photos

 So, it seems he did have some experience before running for president. 

Media's Sarah Angst, and the Boob

In Passing
Chickens with their heads cut off

I know it sounds a bit bizarre,
But in Obamalot, Obamalot
That's how conditions are.

Fact-Checking the "Fact-Checkers"
... the Associated Press assigned 11 writers to "fact-check" Sarah Palin's new book...

Palin "Vindictiveness" in Her New Book?

Her Side of the Story
"Going Rogue" refers to the snide remark of an anonymous McCain aide late in last year's presidential campaign. to describe the vice-presidential candidate's move to break free of her media handlers and speak out against the campaign's decision to pull out of Michigan ...

And ... for the Republican Party ...
David Brooks Derides Palin as a 'Joke' and 'Talk Show Host'
Bob Woodward:
    I agree with David on this. You talk to Republicans and they say they voted for Obama because Sarah Palin was John McCain's pick.

The One’s world apology tour.
"The bow as he performed did not just display weakness in Red State terms, but evoked weakness in Japanese terms....The last thing the Japanese want or need is a weak looking American president and, again, in all ways, he unintentionally played that part." (Kyoto News would not run the photo, out of embarrassment for Teh One)
Tapper source:  Nixon bending to greet the the diminutive Emperor Hirohito  is equivalent.
 ... in Obamalot!