Friday, November 27, 2009

Charles at his finest



Wii Wii

Wii Skateboard Pup

Ride a Pony

A timely primer

 If your house is like ours was on Christmas day, there'll prolly be a new pony under the tree for one of the kids.  I sure wish we'da had this handy guide in the wayback.

Rge whitewash continues

Climategate e-mails sweep America, may
scuttle Barack Obama's Cap and Trade laws

 May? In a sane world, an analogous headline would be, "Video showing man killing his wife may change innocent plea."   Anyway, food for your e-mails below. You're welcome.

Climategate: the whitewash begins

urgent damage limitation exercise in order to whitewash the Climategate scandal in time for Copenhagen.

Climategate: five Aussie MPs lead the way by resigning in disgust over carbon tax

'You've Taken the Words Out of My Mouth'
"Peer review," scientific corruption and the New York Times.

Climategate: sack 'no longer credible' Michael Mann from IPCC urges climatologist

Climategate: What would the Gipper do?
Al Gore’s AGW agenda is about spending vasts sums of public money on a problem than doesn’t exist.

Subway Zoos

Eric Holder depiction of KSM
riding the subway to his trial?

No, just one of the selections found at People Of PublicTransit..  The first thing this site brought to mind was John Rocker's indelicate quote about New York's 7 train, that got him fined $20,000 (what Amendment was that?)


Three Things From Ernie

Q. What do you call a white man surrounded by Indians? A. Bartender.

My wife asked what reincarnation is. I explained, when you die you come back as something else. She said she wanted to come back as a pig. I said, "You're not listening."

Here's a nice Internet Explorer vs Firefox (or Chrome) example. A site called Findmebyip is designed to tell you your browser, its features, your ip address and try to find your ballpark location (usually to within a few miles of your actual location). Pay specific attention to the 'Modernizer Support' section and see how many features are supported by Firefox and not Explorer.

Back Boobs

Back-Boob Chic
The sexy new look

Celebrating the First Amendment

In Passing
 Chimps have feelings too

Barry Schicklgruber to vow greenhouse emissions cuts in Denmark
Putting his prestige on the line, President Barack Obama will personally commit the U.S. to a goal of substantially cutting greenhouse gases at next month's Copenhagen climate summit. He will insist America is ready to tackle global warming despite resistance in Congress over higher costs for businesses and homeowners. ... China's top climate envoy said Wednesday his nation would seek binding pollution targets for developed countries but reject similar requirements for itself at the summit.

Time is up for short-term thinking in your silly experiment called capitalism
Albert Speer backs Schicklgruber plan.

'Dems' kamikaze mission'
The reason the Democratic leadership and the White House are rushing to pass the [healthcare] bill is that they know it is killing them and believe doing it quickly will kill fewer of them than doing it slowly. If they pass it by year's end, perhaps voters will move on to other concerns by the November 2010 midterm elections. 

Biden Pardons Single Yam In Vice Presidential Thanksgiving Ritual

Chris Matthews vs. Bishop Tobin
Apparently not having been warned that the host is a thug and a blowhard, Bishop Tobin—the fellow who urged Rep. Patrick Kennedy not to present himself for communion—went on Chris Matthews's show.

Google Explains, apologizes, vacuums Racist Michelle Obama Image
Last week, commenters in a Google help forum expressed disgust towards an offensive image of Michelle Obama, which appears as the first result in an image search of our lovely First Lady. Google was asked to remove the offensive image of the doctored photo of Michelle Obama made to look like a monkey, but at first refused. ... Former President Bush responded with a LOL.

Nets Ignore Climategate While FNC & CNN Report, CNN Dismisses Relevance

As is their style