Wednesday, February 03, 2010

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Reagan: Dump Reid

 Last speeches

Aside Recollection:
The last campaign speech I heard Ronald Reagan give was for Mitch McConnel.  It must have been in 1990, since McConnell's next reelection campaign (he won that 1990 race) was 1996.  Reagan's very last public speech was delivered on the occasion of his  83rd birthday, in  February of 1994.  On November 6th he penned the letter announcing that he has Alzheimer's disease, so yes, had to be 1994 that he did that McConnell gig I remember.

I watched it on C-Span, and had never heard of Sen. McConnell before. I guess I had a life. He looked like a goofy, nerdy bastid, but if RR spoke for  him, he was okay by me.  When it was over, I thought Ron had slipped a bit, just a bit, and that there would not be many more of these appearances. Never did I think this would be the last time I saw him live.

Sorry Asses

 Some Sorry People

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Virtual Piano

 Doo Dah - Doo Dah
 Play Melancholy Baby

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Blind leading the Blind 1-0

 Blind leading the Blind, 1-0
Okay - Then You Caption It

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Senate Bill  S-6996X - The Fairness in Sports Handicapping Act of 2010 has hit a snag.  The bill is being attached to President Obama's "Everyone Plays for the BCS Championship Act,"  and will make better athletes compete blindfolded.

 Sen. Barbara Boxer has objected to the use of the word handicapping, even though it's used in the context of advantage given to a competitor to equalize chances of winning.  She is demanding that S-6996X be renamed "The Fairness in Sports Differently-Abled Act of 2010."   Sen. Chuck Schumer responded,  "That would make it sound like another bill for crips and retards, which it is not.  It makes no sense. "

Cafferty - Pelosi's "a horrible woman."

 "... she's a horrible woman"
The C&S staff have previously noted a remarkable shift by a few CNN air heads, especially Jack Cafferty.  By shift, I mean eschewing CNN's normal agitprop in favor of news accuracy.  I suspect this policy, by even a few,  is responsible for their recent ratings success

It leaves me somewhat bitter.  Yes. bitter.  Several years ago I lobbied for the job of CNN's Programming Head, and guaranteed a surge in viewership.  I would have replaced CNN's trolls with real news people.  Newsmen who would report, and let the viewers decide, but hammer public miscreants regardless of party affiliation. It was that simple, yet it took them this long to figure it out?  I'm still holding out hope for a job at CBS though, or best of all, MSNBC - but I digress.  

This is what I really wanted to show you.  It's where Cafferty calls Pelosi a "horrible woman."  Enjoy


With Dedication to Susan Estrich

Sherpa Coat

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In Passing

 In Passing
We finds 'em;  we "does" 'em

Obama reignites the mommy wars
One look at his proposals on federally subsidized child care shows how. Over the last 40 years, liberals in Congress have advanced ever-expanding policies that disproportionately favor child care outside of the home. In a debate sometimes referred to as the "mommy wars," these ideas have pitted families of similar income against one another in a competition for federal dollars and tax relief.

Glenn Beck Suggests Obama Deliberately Selling Out Our National Security To China

Lefty NewsHounds  aghast at something that could very likely be the spot-on  truth ...

Sierra Club" It's Global Warming Stupid!
Who you be callin' stupid, stupid?

Show Lets Viewers Decide If 'Reality Stars' Get Abortions
How cute.  But did you know "thumbs down" meant "live," and "thumbs up" meant ",die," in ancient Rome's version of  The "Bump?"   Now you do.

Cocktail Sauce Scented
Newsweek's Alter Called Bush a Dictator, But Says GOP Emboldens Terrorists by Criticizing Obama
Oh, sorry.  It's Newsweak.

Susan Estrich: 'Lack of Diversity' at Apple Caused 'iPad' Name
Gawd, what would I do without these people? 

Republican primary, 99% Reporting:
Brady 154,646 - 20.3%
Dillard 154,143 - 20.2%
Brady, a Roman Catholic and Republican who has spent years constructing a record in the General Assembly around his conservative beliefs ...

Recession Tip: Beat the Tax Man
Get Breast Implants!

Baxter stops a commie MoFo

 Dateline-The Front
More Snow,More Commie Bastids
Baxter the War Dog Nails One

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Did I hear correctly?  31" of snow this weekend?  This is freaking War MoFO!  Send supplies, Stat!